Saturday, June 4, 2011


Since I've been gone from this space many things have happened. One of the most important things is that my baby turned six. Six! How did that happen?
Here she is on the day she entered the world screaming her head off...all 7 pounds 5 ounces of her. So tiny and so cute...and so, so loud. My mom says it's payback.
Here she is at one. Look at those cheeks...don't you just want to squeeze 'em?
And at two years old the cheeks are still squeezable. Her loud personality was coming out more.
Three years old, no longer a baby. She has no fear of the camera or anything else.
Four years old and getting so big. The genetically frizzy hair is beginning to arrive.
Five years old, long hair, big smile...bigger personality.
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And now she's six. A lover of reading and drawing and baby dolls. She'll eat just about anything and she loves spicy food just like her Dad.
She requested a mermaid themed party this year. Boy, oh boy, did she get a lot of mermaids. Oh, and here's this year's cake. And did I mention that this grown-up girl with maturing taste buds wanted a gluten-free red velvet cake? No? Well, she did and I found a great recipe....easy to follow and delicious! The recipe is really for cupcakes, but I just doubled everything (except the red food coloring, I used 3 Tbs instead of 4) and baked it in my 13X9 dish.
And this year's birthday outfit. There are capris under that mermaid tail made of cute mermaid fabric trimmed with fringe to match the shirt and headscarf.

And lastly, here she is with her most favorite gift of all...a new pair of sparkly shoes.
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I promise to share some beach pictures with you soon. Happy summer! xoANG