Tuesday, September 27, 2011

it's a zoo

Wow! Where has the time gone? Once we started our school year the days have been filled. Filled to the brim with books and learning and writing and memorizing and loving every minute. You know things are going well when there are squeals of excitement when it's time for history. Then to top it off when the school day is done and there is time to play they quickly build a city and citadel of blocks and reenact what they so eagerly learned. But where does the zoo part come in? you ask. Well, we just finished a nice rainy staycation. A week of cloudy, cool, overcast days that beckoned us to relax and enjoy just being home. together. We did manage to squeeze in two very excellent day trips. Days where the clouds kept us shaded from the sun and very kindly held on to their droplets until we had packed in every ounce of fun we could manage. So yes, our first trip was to the zoo. Not any old zoo, mind you, but the North Carolina Zoo. My personal fav. If you've never been there and live within 3 hours of it...it is well worth it. It's a natural habitat zoo so there is a lot of walking. Five miles...give or take. But I tell you, with the beautiful grounds and abundance of animals the miles go by with hardly a second thought.

So, you wanna see some pictures? You know I took like a million, right? Okay, maybe it was closer to 300, but who's counting?Well, hello gorgeous! Lions, always my favorite.
Yes dear, you look fine in stripes.
Such a showoff!
A trio of amazing creations.
She turned to face the sun while it shone for few minutes.
Busy bees, those girls of mine. Also, I learned a lot from the apiarist volunteer.
This grizzly was such a poser.
A stunning pair...one with a bad hair cut, it seems.
Soaking up the warmth on the rocks.
This is just the tip of the ice berg, so to speak. We had such a wonderful day at the zoo. xoANG