Sunday, March 18, 2012

a month ago::a week ago

A month ago we finally got our snow. About 7 inches of snow. It was beautiful, it piled up quickly. We played in it all day. And the best part, it warmed up in the afternoon and melted every last bit of it. No shoveling, no scary driving, no dirty slush piled up for days.

The majority of our winter has been like spring.  Warm days, cold  nights.  But the warm days really filled almost the entire calendar for the season.  I think we wore heavy coats a total of 10 or 15 times...and mostly it was because of the wind.  We have enjoyed so many days of sweatshirt weather playing outside.  What a wonderful winter this has been.  And climbing trees has become a new favorite!

Then one week ago we got chickens!  Oh yes, chickens!  I have wanted to have chickens  for years but we had such a tiny yard at our old house and the neighbors had so many dogs.  So with the limited space and the barking, which would probably have kept any hens from laying eggs, we decided to wait.  But now in our new house with a spacious yard and a friend that needed to find a new home for their urban flock, we have chickens.  They are so cute. We have 4 leghorns and 4 golden comets.  They are adjusting to their new digs quite well.  They cluck loudly and greet us at the fence when we enter the yard.  The squat down and spread their wings so we can pet them, and oh, if you are holding a tiny treat they may very well peck the end of your finger...ouch!

There's nothing like fresh eggs and the beginning of spring.
Oh, and Shelby, this post of mini updates and multitudes of pictures is just for you!
xo ANG