Thursday, December 22, 2011

catching up in five words or less

Big Grandma's broken leg
Loving on the Samoyeds
Girls, Grandmas, and Aunt Mel
Four Generations
Cute sisters = me and mine
Fun on warm December days
Ready for Caroling
Elf in various hiding spots
Lost front tooth
Beautiful and meaningful art
Works in progress

From my family to yours...Merry Christmas! xoANG

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Since we moved into our new house we have been enjoying the space we have. A laundry/sewing room, a school room/office, a family room...all wonderful. None of them finished...there is still lots of painting and stuff to do, but we are thoroughly enjoying every square inch of space. We are also enjoying the yard. There is so much space to run and play and garden and work. We didn't get any gardening done this year because we missed the planting season, but we have high hopes for next year. Behind our house at the back of our yard there are woods. Acres and acres of woods. We don't own the acres and acres, but we do own a nice little piece of it. Just enough of it, in fact, to make it mysterious and exciting. During the summer months we did not go back in the woods. There were lots of poison ivy, thorny bushes, and ticks. Oh, so many ticks. But once the weather turned cooler, the vegetation died off, and the ticks were gone we began to explore in the woods. We made paths, cleared out some downed trees, and the girls (with the help of Daddy) built some nice little stick forts. They found so many big branches to make the walls. They also found a couple of old plastic chairs to add to their forts. You never know when you may need to sit and whittle for a while. We also found some old, sun bleached, deer bones deeper in the woods, and believe it or not the girls weren't grossed out. Instead they gathered up as many as they could carry and used them as decorations. The large leg bones and the vertebrae pieces were the most coveted. I know. Bizarre. It's been raining here for a few days now and we haven't seen the sun, but I thought you might enjoy seeing the girls' forts. I whipped up few girly buntings while they were watching cartoons one day and sneaked down to the woods to hang them up. It's always more fun to do outdoorsy type things if they are a little girly!