Thursday, April 29, 2010

you capture::spring

Besides the fact that my children are growing like the weeds in my yard every spring, they very excitedly discovered the first of the caterpillars in our yard. They are fascinating and fuzzy. The girls anticipate their arrival every year. Thankfully, for the sake of the caterpillars, every year the girls are a little more gentle.

My azaleas have bloomed! I look forward to this every spring. These azaleas are what drew me in when we were house hunting five years ago. They are just gorgeous. Although, sadly, one of the bushes has died so I'll have to dig it up this summer. Any azalea pruning tips and tricks are welcome.

Now, it just wouldn't be a proper spring without a quickly arriving afternoon thunderstorm which just happened to produce the most beautiful of rainbows. If you look closely you can see there is another rainbow above the bright one. And yes they were full rainbows...a rarity around these parts.
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spring top

Well, my spring top is done. I used the Summer Nightie pattern from my new favorite book...One Yard Wonders. It can be a nightie or a super cute top with shorts or jeans. The fabric, from my Grandma's stash, is most likely a vintage cotton. The purple gingham bias trim, which I made, also from her stash is newer and certainly cotton. The pattern was simple and the directions were easy to follow. It all came together so nicely and fits perfectly. The only thing I changed was making the straps criss-cross in the back. Voting for Spring Top Week begins soon. There are so many great tops to see and much inspiration to be gained. You should go check it out. xo ANG

Sunday, April 25, 2010

a line must be drawn

As I have mentioned before, and much to the shock and dismay of my own mother, I am trying to love bees. Honey bees, of course. We would like to have a hive or two one day when we have some land. But for now I am making a conscious decision to not scream like a girl and run when a bee invades my personal space. I suppose the same goes for bumble bees, the trying to love them, because they are so fuzzy and cute and seemingly harmless. Although, I am reminded by miss O that the females are the ones with stingers. But still, they buzz around loud enough that I can hear them coming and I think we've reached an understanding that if I stay out of their way they'll stay out of mine. Of course, there is the occasional run in when we're swinging on the swings or playing tag, but accidents happen - we all know that. So yes, honey bees and bumble bees, they're okay.
Here's where the problem comes in...bees are bees to me, whether it's a honey bee or a yellow jacket or a bald-faced hornet. I hear the buzzing, look long enough to see a striped body and very calmly and quickly move in the other direction. Yes, we've checked out many books and read many articles about all stinging insects but my brain just won't pause long enough to think clearly or rationally when I hear a slight buzzing sound invading my personal space.
The reason I share all of this with you is because this is what I found on the back porch light when I got home the other evening.

Yes, right outside the back door. The door we use the most. All day long. It is the beginning of a bald-faced hornet nest. I had noticed what I thought was a yellow jacket flying around the door while we played outside before lunch. I shooed it away - not smart. Then when lunch was over and we waved bye to Daddy (at 1:30) there were no signs of any stinging creatures lurking around. Even at 3pm when I left to tutor there was no sign. However, when I returned at 5pm this was firmly attached to my back porch light. I saw the tail end of the hornet sticking out when I walked up on the porch but when it heard me it flew away. I went inside and asked my mother-in-law what kind of nest it was and she was sure it was a hornet's nest. Yikes! My own mom has hornet nest story that will keep you awake at night so I knew it had to come down right away! After I took pictures, naturally. So I grabbed my camera and took these pictures. Yes, up close and personal. No fear, it was empty. Do you see a hornet in there? No, of course not or I would not have had my camera on macro and my face so close to the nest. Once I was satisfied with my shots my mother-in-law grabbed a Ziploc bag so she could pull it off. Clever, I thought, so we could keep it safe while we studied it up close and personal. However, when she put her hand up there a hornet flew right out!!! There was a hornet in there building on that stupid nest the whole time I had my face up there! Aaaak!! Thank goodness for the bag covering her one got stung. Our heart rates did go up though.

So here's is where the line must be drawn, hornet. I understand that outside is your domain. I have no problem with that. I don't even have a problem with you doing a fly by while we're playing in the yard. Just don't stop and sting anyone and don't, in any way, shape, or form, build a nest on or near my house. Like I said before, we'll leave you alone and you leave us alone. Are we cool? If you cross that line bad things will happen. I have a huge can of spray that will knock your wings off and I'm not afraid to use it! Well, at least not after the sun goes down--on a cool evening when you're lethargic--oh, who am I kidding? Tim will spray you and he won't be afraid. So like I said...don't cross the line!

Upon closer inspection of the inner comb of the nest I discovered that in the short time it took to build the cells and the nest layers the lovely hornets had the nerve to lay an egg in each cell. They sure don't waste any time. Additionally, I am even more thrilled that the nest was removed from the porch before there was an entire busy hive buzzing around.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

you capture::sweet

I had every intention of sharing some pictures of my girls looking sweet, being sweet, personifying sweet. Then I remembered a moment that made me laugh so hard I cried...and grab my camera.

It was Easter. There were chocolate covered marshmallow eggs tucked neatly into some very annoying, although cute, pink grass.
That afternoon I was busy giving Tim a haircut while the girls played happily as they waited patiently for me to finish so we could go outside to play. (whoa, that's a long sentence-and probably terribly grammatically incorrect) Later, when Easter candy was requested (yes, they normally ask before indulging) I grabbed the baskets and this is what I found in one of them.
Evidently, when I was preoccupied with the hair cutting someone decided to sneak a little bite. Alas, the delicious sweets were irresistible and the nibbling continued.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

there's a hole in the bottom of the bag

Saturday morning is grocery shopping time for me. When I get home the girls like to help with unloading all of the bags...and often build a food castle in the middle of the kitchen floor. Well, this past Saturday there was a new volunteer.

Can I help today? I promise not to chew on the cat food bag this time.
I thought playing in the empty bags would be fun. They make such a fun sound when I dive into them. Maybe I should have thought this through because something just doesn't feel right.
Little help, please. This is downright humiliating.
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Oh, how fun it is to have a cat that tends to freeze in place when completely humiliated. I wonder if he'll ever volunteer again.

Also, I know, I know, I still use plastic bags. I do recycle them...and yes, I am working on some alternatives. I just need some one-on-one time with my sewing machine. Happy Tuesday. xo ANG

Saturday, April 17, 2010

bring it

Over the past couple of weeks the weather has been very summery. You know what that means? We're outside as much as possible.
While waiting for some friends one day we had to enjoy this gorgeous pink tree. I don't know what kind of tree it is but it looks like a tree full of carnations.
It was warm enough for swim suits and sprinklers, walks to a playground for some seriously high swinging, and playdates with friends.
The early warm weather also brought about lots and lots of blooming. Above is a variety of tulips. Some from our yard and some from our walk to the playground. Below is a couple of close-ups of the pink tree, a fabulous forsythia, some yellow irises, and my very own daffodils.
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We all love being outside to soak up the heat and enjoy all of the color after such a long, cold, snowy winter. Okay, this week is going to be more spring like in and breezy. I prefer it come on sun...bring it! Happy weekend. xo ANG

Thursday, April 15, 2010

a birthday or two

April 2nd was my Mom's birthday. I called her and wished her a happy birthday then the girls sang a very loud Happy Birthday to her. A few days later she came for a visit and she was showered, okay, sprinkled with gifts. Some handmade by me, some handmade by a local etsy shop girl, and some store bought...she loved them all. As you can see, the handmade gifts from me were crocheted washcloths. I used 100% cotton Sugar n' Cream yarn. They get softer with every wash. yum.

Happy Birthday Mama!

Also, while we're on the subject of birthdays...yesterday was my nephew's birthday. Happy 12th Birthday Sam!

And, my blog turned two years old on April foolin'! Two! Can you believe it? Happy Thursday folks. xo ANG

Thursday, April 8, 2010

you capture::comfort

There are so many thoughts and images and people that come to mind when I think about the word comfort. What is comforting? An old quilt...a hug...sweet, encouraging words...a cup of tea shared with my husband...snuggling on the couch to read books with the girls...time spent studying the Word. All of these, and so much more. I've been thinking this week about what I could take a picture of that would really represent comfort in my life. I even searched for a thought provoking quote that would represent what I might capture. Then I found this quote and I knew just what picture I would use.
Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.
~James Herriot

Oh, I know, it's not thought provoking or seriously deep, but it made me smile. It also made me remember the warm, sunny day when we ate a picnic lunch on the front porch. The cool breeze and quiet conversation was very comforting. And yes, even Shadow found comfort on the porch with us. Normally he would have been watching the birds, but on this day he decided to lay on the floor beside us and enjoy the comfort of the sun while he took a little cat nap.

you capture::comfort

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A lovely day to celebrate our risen Lord.
The sun was shining brightly and the trees and flowers were blooming.
I do hope that your celebration and time with friends and family was as wonderful as ours. He is risen, indeed!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

you capture::feet

With the warmer weather comes flip flops, jump ropes, scooters, bikes, and now roller skates. They're beginner skates, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?
These are exciting times here at the Clothesline and I've learned a lot. First, rolling around the driveway haphazardly just won't do. A proper rink was in order...check! Second, a little decoration in the center of the rink is always necessary...check! If only I could hang a disco ball in the sky for the full affect. A sunny day will just have to do. The third thing I learned was how different my two girls are. Okay, from the womb it was obvious that they were polar opposites, but add skates to the mix and I've got one who wants to be graceful like an ice skater and one who is more of a roller derby chick. Who knew that their feet could bring out so much more of their personalities? you capture::feet happy thursday xo ANG