Thursday, April 28, 2011

craft book challenge - april

I did it! I actually got some sewing done for the Craft Book Challenge...just in time for Easter. I made the cutest, quickest, easiest pair of shorts you have ever seen. Well, I made two pairs of shorts. One pink and one purple. The instructions are in my Craft Hope book, which has so many inspirational projects. All you need to make a pair of shorts, besides a sewing machine, is two bandannas ($1 each at walmart)and a piece of elastic long enough to encompass the girth of the recipient of the shorts.
Are they not the cutest shorts? The girls loved them and wore them after we went to church on Easter Sunday. They're long and colorful, but thin and cool.
I'd love to make more, and I probably will. However, I'll stick with the darker colors because your can see right through them if the sun shines on them just right.
I think the bandannas would make a super cute, simple, gathered skirt as well. Hmmm, maybe I'll try that next.
It was super warm on Easter so we took our eggs outside to dye them. It was so much fun and they turned out beautiful...and delicious. Oh, and that row of orange buckets lining the edge of my driveway are my $2.57 five gallon paint buckets turned brightly colored planters. I've got seeds germinating in there and soon we'll have some cucumbers climbing up my bamboo trellis. I also got adventurous and planted some purple tomatillo seeds. I've never grown tomatillos before..but I had to try.
And because I can't mention Easter and not show you the they are.

I hope your Easter was wonderful and I hope you are all safe. We've had several days of really severe weather but today the sun shines warm on us again. xoANG

Saturday, April 16, 2011

it's time make time...for sewing. I've been staring at a pile of very colorful bandannas to make some adorable summery shorts for my girls and for a special little cousin. I've got the instructions to make the shorts in my Craft Hope book. I just need to do it. It'll be a good warm up project for me and my sewing machine. Also, they'd make a lovely addition to the Easter basket. Then I'll be ready for the more exciting project for Spring Top Week! I bought a pattern back in January that I've been waiting to use. The time has finally come. Now I just need to choose the fabric.

It's rainy and windy here today. Perfect for staying in and getting some sewing done. First though, I need to make a loaf of bread, make a fresh batch of chicken broth, put away the clean, folded laundry that's been staring at me for two days, and paint my toenails. Okay, the last thing isn't really necessary, but I love painted toenails. It just feels more summery. And if I feel more summery, maybe one day the sun will come out and stay out. The question is, which color? summer sky blue, sparkly royal purple, bubble gum pink, big money green, or juicy tangerine...decisions, decisions. happy weekend. xoANG

Friday, April 8, 2011

spring things

Since I last stopped in to give you an update more things have transpired. First, my baby lost her first tooth. Seriously...adorable, right? Second, a friend of mine, that lets me enjoy her chickens, got six new chicks. They're fluffy and chirpy and adorable.
We held them and watched them as they pecked and scurried around in the warmth of the heat lamp.

Third, my flowers are blooming!
Tulips, grape hyacinth, daffodils...gorgeous, colorful signs of spring in every spot in the yard I could plant a bulb.
The azaleas have buds and will be blooming soon.

Forth, we have been enjoying the warm, sunny days that are sandwiched between cold, rainy, wintry days. The confounded dandelions have made a serious comeback this spring. I love their cheerful, sunny color...but I don't want them to take over my yard. The clover has dibs on the yard evidently, but the dandelions are giving them a run for their money.

Fifth, we've had a few play dates that were spontaneous and fun.
Spending time with friends is such a treat. That just about sums up the last couple of weeks. The next few days look very promising. There will be lots of yard work fun work and gardening and playing! enjoy, my friends, enjoy! xoANG