Friday, May 30, 2008

quick note

just a quick note: I'm almost done with the birthday dress for Miss E and my other sewing project (it's a secret) needs to be sewn, too. Time is running out.Must put girls down for nap.Must sew.Beautiful weather.Sewing machine still working.Will update later...with pictures!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

thankful thursday

Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name. Make known His deeds among the peoples; Make them remember that His name is exalted. Praise the Lord in song, for He has done excellent things; Let this be known throughout the earth. Isaiah 12:4-5

one - the sun is shining again - it's nice and warm, we can play outside, I can use the clothesline
two - our garden is growing nicely - our tomato plants already have flowers on them and the radishes are growing like crazy!

three - my baby is three years old - although I do love the baby stage and miss those rolls and rolls of baby fat....I do not miss changing diapers.
I have more sewing to do during nap time. It's crunch time people....I am SO thankful that my sewing machine continues to work.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

glass half full

Yikes! It's kinda cold today. Yesterday was humid and hot, but today it's raining, windy, and down right chilly. We actually had to wear jackets to the library. But here's the glass is half full part...our librarian (we have the best ones in the world, remember?) gave us a book today. Yes, gave it to us...brand spankin' new, just got it in, never been shelved. She was talking to another librarian and they each had the same book and were talking about how they wouldn't last long because of the pop-up stuff and they got two of them instead of one. How cute, I said, can't wait to check that out. Here, it's yours was her response! love books. love new books. love new free books. Also half full: it's raining -- I don't have to water the garden...the neighbors cat used my beautifully mulched, just finished flower bed as a litter box (eewww)--great fertilizer...
Okay, I 've got some sewing to do during nap time today. I hope to finish the birthday dress soon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

humidity, flowers, and gnats, oh my!

Wow, today it feels like summer. This is the first really hot day we've had...hurray! I enjoy the hot weather, although the humidity doesn't really help with the naturally frizzy curly hair. But I'd take a good ol' hot day over winter any time.
So, we had a busy morning. I finally finished the flower bed in the front yard. It was a long process. I know you don't need the details, but it will make me feel like I accomplished more if I write it down. So first, I dug up my tulip bulbs which had multiplied beyond belief. Then I dug up the grass around that section to make it bigger. That was tougher than expected because of the crabgrass that the city planted (when they chopped off four feet of my yard) was a killer to get through. After that, since the dirt was nice and fluffy, I added some potting soil to it (like Miracle Grow) and mixed it in. Then I made three trenches and replanted the tulip bulbs. I know, I know, it's not the right time of year to do that, but I have so many bulbs and such great dirt I just had to get it done. So now my bulbs are replanted nice and deep, but there's a big dirt patch in the front yard,right? So to make it pretty I planted the petunias (from my mom) and some cute little celosia plants in that dirt then mulched the whole thing. It turned out pretty good. Both types of flowers are annuals and they love the sun so I am hoping it stays pretty and they continue to grow. It took a few days to get all of that done but the girls helped some with the digging and planting. They played in the yard or on the front porch away from the gnats and bees most of the time though. Little Miss O and the gnats don't really get along. This picture is from two summers ago when she got gnat bites on her ear and eye. All these years, I never knew that they could bite, I just thought that gnats were super annoying.
The girls helped with washing the car this morning, too. They had their bathing suits on and got pretty wet, but the tires are nice and shiny!
Sunday at church the message about how selfish we are (whether we realize it or not) was very applicable. At the end of the message we read I Corinthians 13. Yes, the love chapter. Everyone knows that is the love chapter, but have you read it lately? I mean really read it, in it's entirety? If you haven't, I highly recommend it. I think that will be the next passage we memorize.

Monday, May 26, 2008

yippee! miss E is three!

Happy Birthday to Little Miss E!
Now she's Three!

Welcome to the world baby! You made little Miss O a big sister! You're in for a treat because she is such a great big sister.

Three months later...oh, so cute, but where's your neck?!

Here you are one year old. Whoa, now that's some baby fat! You're still growing!

Here you are at two years old, getting so big. And look...I see your neck!

Now you're three!

My baby is getting so big! Growing and changing so fast.

Happy Birthday

Saturday, May 24, 2008

sunny saturday

We started off our day by going to the Community Market. There's a great vendor there from the Sleepy Goat Farm that sells some really yummy goat cheese. Yeah, you heard me, goat cheese. Each variety of cheese is named after an artist...Picasso, Cassatt, Degas. There's more but I can't remember them all. Also, paintings from those artists are on the packaging, except there are goats in the pictures instead of people...funny, huh? Cute though. The girls liked the pictures. Our favorite librarian recommended this vendor..thanks Mrs.'s so good! As a side day when we have more space I'd like to have a goat or two so I could have goat milk and make goat cheese. Also, some chickens would be nice. Seriously. Ooohhh, or maybe sheep.

Speaking of know what gets my goat? No? Gas that costs over $4.00 per gallon, that's what. Give me a break!

Anyway, after the community market we went to the children's museum. That is always so much fun! Farm stuff, Egyptian stuff, electricity stuff, indian (I mean Native American) stuff, James River stuff, circulatory system stuff, building and design stuff, painting stuff...a plethora of knowledge disguised as fun around every corner. A teacher's, mom's, homeschooler's dream come true! Riding the zip line is also lots of fun! Lessons on momentum and gravity are always part of the zip line experience. I don't know about you, but I need a nap!

Friday, May 23, 2008

random thoughts

1)I love that when Little Miss E talks about our great finds at the beach she says "she-shells" every single time.

2)I love that Little Miss O wants to keep our back yard caterpillars happy by making them playgrounds out of sticks and leaves every time she finds one. Please excuse the peeling paint on the foundation..but the caterpillar seemed to love it...look closely, you'll find him.
3)Yippee for David Cook winning American Idol!

4)Call me crazy, but my favorite Dollar Spot(at Target) find was my dandelion-digger-upper. I think it's called a weeder, but whatever you call it, it's so great....and it has a pink handle. Okay, listen. I don't like dandelions growing in my yard and the only way to get rid of them is to dig them up by the root. So when they first start coming out in the spring, my girls and I go on a 'lion hunt every day. I am happy to say, that in spite of my craziness, my lawn is dandelion free!

5)My mom gave me some beautiful petunias for Mother's Day. Thanks Mama! I love them, they are so pretty. My only problem is the container they came in matches them perfectly so I have a hard time taking them out to put them in a flower pot. Clever marketing really. Who wouldn't want beautiful flowers in a container that is exactly the same color....oh, Mr. Marketing think you have us all figured out, don't you?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

thankful thursday

Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; Sing praises to our God on the lyre, Who covers the heavens with clouds, Who provides rain for the earth, Who makes grass to grow on the mountains. He gives to the beast its food, and to the young ravens which cry. He does not delight in the strength of the horse; He does not take pleasure in the legs of a man. The Lord favors those who fear Him, those who wait for His lovingkindness. Psalm 147:7-11

one - God's timing - this big branch fell from the tree about three seconds after I walked right under it...that would've hurt

two - great friends - what a fun playdate we had...thanks Theresa! the two littlest girls aren't in this picture, but we had fun with them, too

three - fun craft projects (this one is from Pink Paper Peppermints' free e-zine called heART & soul...lots of great crafty stuff!)- we made super-cute twirling birdie mobiles

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

fun at the zoo

If you know me, you know that Tim and I love zoos. Where ever we go on vacation if there is a zoo nearby we will go to it. TheNorth Carolina Zoo is one of our favorites. It's a huge, natural habitat zoo so there is a lot of walking, but is all worth it. If you've never been to this zoo and you live close enough to it, you really should go there for a visit. The girls love zoos, too. What little kid doesn't love to see all of the animals? Anyway, it was a long day but we enjoyed every minute of it. Thankfully we took our wagon with us so the girls could ride when they got tired of walking. Of course, Tim did all of the uphill pulling...isn't he great?! Here are some pictures...lots of pictures.

Cute chimps, pretty pink birds, giggling girls, perfect playground, enormous elephants, big bison, huge hippo, towering tortoises, gentle giraffes, happy hatchlings, radical rhinos, precious polar bear, oh...the fun!

After hours and hours of zoo fun the girls fell asleep five minutes into the trip home.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

oh, the fun!

Luuuke, I am your faaatherrr!
Thanks to my friend Kim for the great Darth Vader masks. The girls were thrilled! I know, you think it's a little weird, but that's what makes it so cute. The girls just love Star Wars stuff and plus...don't you think the masks really bring out the sparkle in the bunny t-shirts? So thanks again Esther's Mom!

Aaaahhhh....I love cute fabric.
This year, now that my girls are getting a little older and I have more time to use my sewing machine, I thought I'd start a new tradition for their birthdays. The girls get to choose the theme for their birthday (it usually revolves around the cake). So the tradition is to make a cute dress as a gift that goes with the theme. Little Miss O's dress turned out great for her bumblebee theme. So now, Little Miss E's birthday is right around the corner and she has chosen to have a puppy cake and I found the cutest fabric to make her a dress to go with the puppy theme. Here's a peek a the fabric...when I have a finished dress I'll post a picture. The fabric is so cute though I am going to have a hard time cutting it.

Picnic playdates....and falling branches.

Last week on a nice sunny day we met some friends at the neighborhood park to play and eat lunch. It was sunny and warm. Just the slightest breeze...quite lovely. When we arrived my girls went straight for the play ground as I walked to the picnic tables. After walking by the big shade tree I heard a cracking sound, then.....CRASH! A huge branch from the tree came crashing down right where I had been standing just seconds before. First, praise God for His sovereignty that no one was hurt. Second, I am so glad the park is right beside the fire station. We had fun for a short time, but as we were finishing lunch it started pouring down rain so we had to leave. It was fun while it lasted! Here are some pictures. It's hard to tell how big the branch is, but trust me, it's huge. Since then, we've gone to the NC Zoo (loved it!) and we've had another playdate. I'm working on that post, too. Lots of cute pictures to come!

Friday, May 16, 2008

alternative to sunscreen and other beach stories

Alternative to sunscreen? Remember the old days when we used to slather on suntan oil? Tropicana dark tanning smelled so good, but it was like being deep fried. No more of that these days. Who wants to look like a leather handbag in 10 years? Not me! I do like a little bit of tan though, don't you? Anyway, so we went to the beach and everyone was putting on SPF 30 or 45. I thought, I'll just put SPF 15 on my face and nothing else so I can get some sun quickly...I don't really burn so I was excited to get a little tan. However, much to my dismay, at the end of our first morning on the beach, and the next 4 days, I had zero sun. I wasn't even a little pink! What a load, man. So here is my theory about alternatives to sunscreen...I am so incredibly pale that I have actually started reflecting the sun's rays. Yeah, you heard me...reflecting. We were there for a week with perfect weather every single day and I didn't show any signs of tan until the day before we left...and now that it's been a week since we've been home the tan lines that I had as proof of soaking in some rays have faded almost completely. So that's my alternative, just reflect it. I'll spare you any pictures to prove it. I'm not ready to show you that.

So while we at the beach we went to Ripley's Aquarium. Ever been? You should go if you're at Myrtle Beach. It's a little pricey, but so worth it. Oh, we do love it. The girls had a great time. We got to pet and hold some horseshoe crabs, pet a sting ray, see a puffer while it was puffed, watch some scuba divers in the shark area, explore the new pirate exhibit (creepy, but cool), and more. So here are some pictures.

This is the horseshoe crab. The girls liked touching and looking, but wouldn't hold it.

Little Miss O liked the pirate stuff...arrrgggg matey!

The puffer tank had a cool tube you could stand in. When Tim got in there he scared the fish and he puffed! How cool is that? I have pics of everyone else in there too, but they only puffed for Tim.

This is a Weedy Sea personal favorite. God is amazing isn't He?!

We were out front and this cool Manta Ray fountain was too cool to pass up!

Here are the divers in the main tank. They each had a little black stick with white stripes. When the big sharks came close they would wave them around to make the sharks swim away. I'd want more than a stick, but it seemed to work for them. Maybe I should make one for my sister.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

thankful thursday

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

one - fun in the sun at Myrtle Beach...we had a great week...a great, safe, uneventful week.
two - home - although I love the beach and could live there forever, I am blessed to have a wonderful home to return to with my family.
three - thoughtful, sensitive, tenderhearted children (most of the time). Mother's Day was so nice. Being a girl that loves chocolate, my husband found an absolutely delicious Tiramisu Chocolate Bar for me. Oh...yummmmm! He also took the girls shopping and they picked out new t-shirts for me to replace one that was lost at the beach...that's a story I'll have to share later.

sorry no pictures on this one...blogger was giving me a hard time

beach stories

The weather today and yesterday has been so nice that I've been working in the yard...not blogging. I usually use a part of nap time to write new posts, but the sun was drawing me outside. Well, right now the girls are napping after a fun and productive morning so it's the perfect time to share some stories from our trip to the beach.
First - I am glad to say that neither one of my children had a fear of the waves this time. Okay, they had enough fear (I like to call it common sense) to not run directly out into the waves. But they were brave enough to immediately play on the edge. No big deal, right? Well, in previous trips they forgot that it's not scary to play and let the water get on you, so there was lots of coaxing(from me) and lots of whining (from them). Usually by the second day they were fine, but this time there was no whining! (not about getting in the ocean anyway)
Second - The first day we went down to the beach I put the girls in their oh-so-cute bathing suits then slathered them up with sunscreen everywhere else. I got the child's sunscreen, ya know, pediatrician recommended..blah, blah, blah. All went well - we play for hours- then went in for lunch, bath, and nap time. When I woke the girls up Little Miss E's face was swelled up a little. I had washed off the sunscreen in the bath, but must have missed some because her swelling was in bizarre spots (the ones I missed I suppose). There was no swelling or redness anywhere else, just on her face. Poor thing, one more allergy :-{ Thankfully she has a hat to keep the sun off her face and I got some zinc oxide for her face, just in case I needed it.
Third - I did take a few crafty things for the girls to create while we were at the beach. You never know if there will be rainy days and I like to be prepared. Anyway, I found some cute little flip-flop bead necklace kits at Joann Fabrics. What fun...and super cute!

Okay, that's enough beach talk for now. I'll have more later.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

we're back...and I have so much to say

First let me begin with a belated Happy Mother's Day!

This is a picture of my mom and my sister waiting for me to become a mom. It was a long wait.
Here I am on the verge of becoming a mom! I know, go ahead and say it...huge!
Now, five years later, I have two beautiful girls. What a blessing it is to be a mom.

Okay, so we went to the beach. Oh man, it was so nice to get away. I do love the beach. I mean, really love it. I know you want to see some pictures so I'll post a few today. There will be more to me! This is a beautiful sunrise I caught when I remembered to take my camera out on the balcony before I made the coffee.

We found this lovely crab one day. Yes, it's dead. The girls loved holding it, but all I could think was...*what a waste, that would've been tasty*.Oh what fun splashing and getting every nook and cranny filled with sand.

So now that we're home we have to get back into the routine...and there's a lot to catch up on. I have a huge to-do list for the week. This is what I've done so far today: 1) washed and hung 5 loads of laundry 2)put all previously washed clean clothes away 3)did an hour or so of homeschool with the girls 4)took out the trash 5)made cookies for the neighbor (he cuts our grass in the front yard sometimes) Okay, I cheated and got the pre-made dough, but at least I can mark it off my list! 6)cut the grass in the back yard...shocking I know-but a nice surprise for my husband 7)pulled weeds in the garden spot so I can plant my veggies (the girls helped pull weeds) 8)washed the dishes 9)posted a new entry on my blog!

Wow! I got more done that I thought, how great! Now the remainder of the day will be a piece of cake...mmmmm cake. I am in the process of number 10 on my list...assembling my new garden cart. My husband bought it for me before we went to the beach and today, since it's nice and warm, I thought I'd try my hand at putting it together. The instructions are quite ridiculous, but thankfully there are illustrations. I'll take pictures of my progress...and if I give up and let my husband take over, I'll take a picture of the final product.


The girls are in the tub, a meatloaf is in the oven, the laundry is dry and folded (but not put away yet}o:), I used my treadmill, and guess what.....I finished assembling my new garden cart!

Here it is! I supposed to get this?!well, it's coming along nicely...but it's taking longer that the standard 30 minute assembly time
Look how cute!
Oh yeah! Don't be jealous.
All ready to be used...the planting will have to wait until tomorrow. I can hardly wait:-)Yippee! Yahoo! Hurray! Yee Haw! Woo Hoo!