Thursday, July 28, 2011

you capture: fruit


It's early. Tim just left for work, I put my girls in the tub for a much needed bath, I fed the cat so he would behave, I finished my coffee, and I found just a few minutes as the sun continues to rise along with the mercury to sit at the computer. I haven't checked out the You Capture theme for a while, but today I did. The theme is fruit. Perfect. We do have two fruit trees in our back yard which we will eventually make into a small orchard. We have an apple tree, which seems to be having some production issues, and a pear tree that is due for a much needed pruning. Pears though, they are one of my most favorite fruits when perfectly ripe and juicy. I snapped a few shots of the pear abundance just the other day when I was down at the butterfly bush. Yesterday we watched a doe and a ground hog enjoy the fallen fruits. They were fascinating to watch but I need to stay on top of that because I'd like for those pears to be ours. Maybe I'll get to make some pear butter this fall. My sister made some a few years back and she said it was easy and super delicious. Anyway, here is one fully loaded branch.
And here's a shot of the whole, unruly tree. (note to self: find out when to prune fruit trees) See that opening in the woods behind the tree? That is the doorway through which the wildlife enters our yard. We spotted a fawn back there pun intended...but really a tiny fawn with white spots, it really doesn't get any cuter than that.

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So there you have it. An early morning post with a side of fruit. xoANG

Sunday, July 24, 2011

the place to be

At any given time throughout the day, whether it's stifling hot and humid or breezy and cool, if you need to find us we'll be down by the butterfly bush.
As soon as the back door opens the girls are drawn to the butterflies. On some days there seems to be hundreds of them all beautiful and graceful floating from flower to flower.
They sit still long enough sometimes for us to watch them find nectar with their curly proboscis. They sit still long enough sometimes to be caught, too. Gently, of course and nearly immediately set free.
We've seen quite the variety of butterflies and moths. We have also seen a few hummingbird bumblebees. They are quite stunning little creatures. I clearly capture one in flight, but they are so quick, and their wings are barely visible since they beat so fast. I did manage to capture a half blurry shot of one and just had to share it.
Sometimes the butterflies land on the lower flowers right in front of us so we can admire the details of their wings, but as soon as we get too close they fly to the higher blooms just out of reach.
Just for fun, the next picture is a shot of the back of our house from the butterfly bush. Yes, there is a glorious clothesline there on the right. What a treat to have one in place already here at the new house.
We've been doing a lot of work here and there. Painting, cleaning, counter top refinishing, unpacking, living out of boxes...then at the old house, much of the, moving stuff, putting things in boxes. The work fills our days but it is work with great reward. We are loving our new home. It's like it was made for us. And as we clean out our old home we can appreciate how special our first little house is to us and we hope it will be just as special to the new owner...whomever that may be.
I will be showing our old home on Thursday to a prospective buyer. Please pray that she will fall in love with it just as we did 6 years ago. Stay cool in this wonderful summer heat! xoANG

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

busy as a...

well, ya know.

Packing, hauling, cleaning, spackling,

sanding, cabinet removing, ripping out carpet,

cleaning some more, sweating like a dog in this humidity and heat....

but moving!
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Yep, we've been busy here, moving from this adorable, best ever first home of ours...

to this spacious home that has waited to be ours for six long months. She's got a big yard that aches to be home to a huge garden, a small orchard, and a gorgeous flock of chickens. Oh yes, new home, we've got big plans for you!

So I've been away from this space for a good reason. Life has been happening. Father's Day was a wonderful celebration, we took care of our friends chickens, the girls took swimming lessons which advanced their skills to swimming in deep water and gaining the bravery to jump off the diving board, the 4th was great and we enjoyed some spectacular fireworks. So between carloads of boxes we have managed to squeeze in some great fun all while the computer, the sewing machine, the crochet hooks and yarn, and good summer reads have all been left to fend for themselves. I'll try to be more present here. Until next time please enjoy the pictures that I took of the many different types of bees that are enjoying the lavender and clover in our yard. xoANG