Wednesday, August 18, 2010

and then it was time for school

We have been enjoying every ounce of summer.

Every hot, humid day. Every play date. Every rain shower. Every read-aloud book. Every bike ride. Every morning walk. Every squirt gun fight. Every dip in the pool. Everything...even house and yard work.

There hasn't been a dull moment. No time to sew. No time to crochet. No time to blog. We have been absorbing summer, every wonderful day of it.

I know the time is coming. Time for school. I'm excited. I'm prepared. All books have been purchased. Planning has been done. School supplies have been collected. Things have been organized. A regular morning routine is being established so as not to shock the system when it's time to start. The girls are excited and ready. Ready for a new school year, a routine. But, wonderfully, there is still a little bit of summer left to enjoy . A few more trips to the pool, a few more play dates, a few more spontaneous days. We will absorb it all...every last drop.


Girl said...

Hi Angela, I hope I'm on the right site! This is Abbie's mom from the book exchange. Abbie wanted to thank "Miss E" (not sure if you use your kids' names) for her fabulous book. She really loved writing and illustrating her work and then sending it away to another little girl.

Glad your family is having a wonderful summer! Drool school comes back all too quickly. "Miss E's" book was very cool, the girls in this house totally got into the butterfly plot. Thanks for participating :-)


Zoƫ said...

It sounds like we have been having the same summer:) Glad you have had a good one.