Friday, August 26, 2011

tools of the trade

Yes, new neighbors, I fully intend on having a winter garden. I also have every intention on owning a nice flock of chickens in the spring. And soon we'll have a small orchard and some berry patches. Herbs and such as edible landscaping are also very likely. So please, if you don't mind, get used to me daydreaming about my little homestead as I pause and look around while hanging laundry. Also, you should probably get used to me standing in the yard with a compass and a book or two while I think and plan and dream about which things to plant and where to plant them so they get the best lighting. Oh, and those kids, yes, the ones with insect books and jars to catch them in, or sticks and little bottles of sap, or yarn and dolls and fallen pears, or magnifying glasses and binoculars, those girls are mine. They'll be outside with me a lot. More often than not they'll be singing or pretending to be pirates or explorers while they search for new and interesting insects, woodland creatures, and flowers and weeds. No, they won't be getting on a bus in the morning. They'll be learning in our new (not at all finished) school room...learning, studying, exploring, and loving every minute of it.
And while you're at it, try to find my use of yarn and clothespins endearing instead of just plain crazy. When planning sections of yard to turn into garden space I like to use what is close at hand and for me it was clothespins for stakes, yarn for rope, and a softball for a hammer. Those are my tools of the trade. What? You never used a softball to hammer clothespins into the ground before? Surely it's not just me. Anyway, it worked great.
Oh, and see that cute little shed there in the background? Well, this winter we'll be turning that into a most fabulous chicken coop. There is a lot of brush and junk behind there (left by the previous owner) that we'll be clearing out so that the hens can have a nice open (but fenced in) chicken run. And further behind that is where the orchard will be. Oh, well here's a shot of the space we'll be using for some lovely little dwarf fruit trees.
The little shed for my chickens is just to the left out of the shot. This little homestead of ours has so much potential. Our library bag is overflowing with books about edible landscaping, winter gardening, orcharding (is that a word?), and raising chickens. Our brains are overflowing with lists, ideas, plans, and dreams. God has certainly blessed us with more that we would ever need. Our goal and our desire is to be good stewards of all that He has blessed us with and to teach our children to do the same.


Theresa said...

Good stuff! SO happy for you guys! I just love your new place!!! So great!!! You should have added something about the other 5 kids that may be seen running in your yard from time to time ; ) We like it there!! We like the owners, too! XOXOX

Kim Yeatts said...

So fun to come to your blog and see it all new and fresh! I can't wait to see your new blessed you guys are!!
Morgan and I just got back from California for her sweet sixteen trip and we leave tomorrow to take the girls to Great Wolf Lodge/Colonial Williamsburg for one last hurrah before Sadie's surgery in Oct.
Hope to see you around.