Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Luau is in the house!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures from the most recent birthday party. Well, I know my grandma is waiting to see some pictures anyway. But if you're here, I hope you enjoy what you see. The theme that was chosen this year was Hawaii. Nothing specific other than wanting palm trees on the cake. Everything else just came together. The awesome paper lanterns were actually a house warming gift from our mortgage broker. Awesome, yes she was. Grandma took the birthday girl shopping for her party gear...cups, plates, table cloth and some other goodies. Then Daddy took her out to get a few more things to really get us in the Hawaiian mood. With Pandora playing hula music in the background and a warm sunny day outside in January, it really was a nice party day.
The fabric bunting I made a couple of years ago and they come out for every single birthday. I love them.  They make me feel happy because they're so cheery.  Truth be told, they're still up.  No one has said a word so I think I'll leave them up as long as I can. he!he! You can see above the birthday outfit...a dress this year, with fabric I bought when I lived in Hawaii and have been hording, I mean holding onto, for a good 10 years.I was saving it for just the right time and that time finally arrived. I could only find the pattern pieces for this dress, no instructions. Thankfully it came out just right. Instead of a zipper though, which I have in no way mastered, I made a matching covered button and loop for the closure. I do love me some covered buttons! I also sewed the grosgrain ribbon sash right to the dress on the front side. My girl is slim so I knew she'd need a pretty sash to make it fit just right, but I also knew she would not want it being mobile, sliding up or down or twisting, and sewing it did the trick.
Then there's the cake. I used the Hawaiian Cupcake recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free cookbook and doubled it to make a nice big cake instead of a bazillion cupcakes. The cake was muy delicioso! Although I made it too late in the day to ice it the night before. So, a mistake never to be made again, I iced the cake the day of the party. It's not my best work, but the birthday girl squealed with delight when she saw it and that's all that matters.
Oh yes, I made a cute fabric flower out of fabric scraps left over from the dress.  I just sewed it right to a nice knit headband.  Comfy, cute, makes me want one, too.
I love this shot of my girl, her hair flying.  I believe she was twirling or doing a hula.  Something fun, I'm sure.  Yes, I do love that Hawaiian fabric.  I have a little bit left...I may have to hide, I mean save, that for another special occasion.
Here's a shot Tim took of the action.  Not everyone is in the room, but it was time for cake and ice cream so about 2 seconds later everyone was in one room.  See my beautiful art on the wall?  I owe you a post about that...soon.  Regina painted those, well, they're prints, but I love them.  I fully intend on making a wanty list for my summer birthday.  And there up on top of the fridge is our thankful tree.  For the month of November, whenever someone came to our house, they got to write something they were thankful for on a leaf and add it to the tree.  We added our own almost every day.  I think some have fallen off, perhaps because of a cat paw, hence the reason for such a high place of display.  I think I'll save those leaves and then start anew.  We don't have to wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful.
Ah, the morning after the party. The girls were enjoying the horses for their American Girl dolls.  And there, stack in the chair behind them, more gifts.  Among the favs...Battleship, who doesn't love that game?  As a math teacher, I love the fact that they learn how to use the x and y axis to find points on a graph, I mean in the ocean to blow up your ship.  Yea, I'm a nerd.  You gotta problem with that? I didn't think so.  Also, a game my sister bestowed upon the birthday girl...Blokus.  She told me it was the best game ever.  And she may be right.  Well, after Scrabble, of course.  Blokus is like fighting the urge to play Tetris, and well, it's pretty mathematical, too.  Yes, I see the pattern emerging in my style of games.  I also love Boggle and Scrabble Flash and Scattergories and Dominos.  Math and reading, math and reading.  Giant nerd...that's me.  And I really hope and pray that my girls follow right along in my footsteps. 
So there you have it...and actual lengthy post with pictures.  Thanks so much for stopping by. Now, go play a fun game or something! xoANG

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Theresa said...

I forgot to comment when I saw this last week!! The cake looks super cute!!! looks like you all had a nice time!!!