Thursday, February 14, 2013

Disney World part 1 - Have we met?

One of the fun things, which I think was more enjoyable for everyone than we expected, was meeting the Disney characters and princesses. I took an inexcusable amount of pictures while we were at Disney World and there is no way your computer can load them in a timely fashion. In order to condense the experience and keep the computers happy, I made some picture collages. Oh, it was difficult to choose, but decisions had to made.  I did include each person we met so You get  to see them all...just not every shot of every encounter. Hopefully you'll be able to click on the collages to see them a little bit bigger.
Obviously, in the above collage you can see the princesses.  I also included Alice and Mary Poppins.  Not princesses, but wonderful just the same.  I also included Gaston!  He was very funny and thought very highly of himself.  The girls didn't really want to have their picture taken with him, but he was really funny so they posed with him anyway.
And this collage contains all of the characters we met.  There are two Mickeys in there because we met him once at the Animal Kingdom in his safari outfit, then we saw him again at Epcot.  My personal favorite was Rafiki...yep, I had to be in that picture.  Of course we all love Minnie and Mickey the most.  Who doesn't?  Stitch was pretty awesome, too.  So awesome, in fact, that Eliana wants her birthday to be Stitch themed.  I love that! 

There are more collages to come...parades, rides, shows, fireworks!  I have so much more to share.
I'll be back soon.  xoANG

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Kim Yeatts said...

Are those Gaston's real hands/arms?