Tuesday, April 9, 2013

april 9th - by the hour

8a.m. - kids have showered and are working on the new spelling list and Latin while I throw in the first load of laundry and get my workout done.

9a.m. - workout done, Bible lesson finished, kids working in math...goodbye winter clothes!

10a.m. - laundry hung, chickens fed, garden watered, girls enjoyed snack time and now school outside. A pileated woodpecker is jackhammering away and the cardinals sing as they fly from one side of the yard to the other.

11a.m. - morning dishes done, school still in progresss - although the sun is trying to lure us away from our work,  more winter clothes being removed from closets and drawers to make room for shorts!

12p.m. - weekly trip to the library for fresh books and a movie or two, and a new workout video for me...the A/C wasn't working in the library and it was HOT!

1p.m. - lunch with Tim, laundry already dry since it is so warm is taken down and folded, chickens given more fresh water since it's heating up so fast

2p.m. - picking up an extra kid and heading over to skateland for the monthly homeschool skate day

3p.m. - still at skateland, girls enjoying some fun skating and playing in the arcade with their sweet friend before she leaves for the mission field, I am working on some crochet projects while the music plays loudly...loud enough where I can sing along and no one can hear me:)

4p.m. - girls still skating, I finished one project and continue working on the other

5p.m.- back home, fixing dinner while chatting with my Mom on the phone, clean, folded laundry taken upstairs to be put away...can't quite be done because winter clothes aren't filtered out completely yet
6p.m. - dinner, windows still open, relaxing

7p.m. - listen to radio, plant seeds in starter pots so we can continue to add to the garden, water new seeds, go to garden to check on plants after first hot day...plants look good, asparagus - known for growing super fast - grew about 5 inches since I watered the garden this morning! No kidding! I will measure in the morning tomorrow then again at night to see if it happens again.  I really am serious!  Throw the frisbee for a while with Tim while the girls play before the sun goes down

8p.m. - wash evening dishes, look at pile of folded laundry and decide to wait till tomorrow to put it all away, do evening push-ups with the family - a new routine of push-ups and stretches at night to help firm up my arms

9p.m. - kids in bed, walk on treadmill on highest incline for an hour while watching netflix

10p.m. - cool down, clean up, drink lots of water, in bed before 11p.m.


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