Sunday, June 13, 2010

tea time

My girls were invited to a lovely tea party last week. They had a great time with their friends. The weather was beautiful, the bugs were minimal, and the tea was perfectly brewed, sweet, southern, iced tea.
After the tea party they all took turns on the world's best swing. I tried to capture a sweet, tea party moment for Dad to enjoy, but this is what I captured. They are more like their Dad every time I take my camera out.

After our friends left we went for a nice stroll so I could take some pictures of the girls looking especially beautiful in their mama-made clothes among the flowers. We also went down to the lotus pond to see the frogs and flowers. It's so lovely at the pond...and we were not disappointed.

This collage at the pond is a classic moment. 1-are we done with the pictures yet? we just want to look for frogs. 2- whoa, did you see the frog that made that big splash! 3- okay, we'll smile quick for you mom, if you let us hunt for that frog.
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Cute, no? If you could see the gnats...ugh! But the temperature was great and so was the light.

I love this ginormous flower pot. The girls thought it was great, too, but they still didn't want to smile.

Now, that's a keeper!
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Flowers around the pond.
Posted by PicasaFrogs, tadpoles, and fish in the pond.
We had a great time with our friends and a great time enjoying the beauty of nature.
Happy Sunday. xo ANG

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