Friday, June 25, 2010

who are you calling chicken?

We are having a grand time chicken-sitting for our friends and even though the hens are used to us and look forward to the treats we bring them each day, some still keep their distance when we start trying to catch them. Like this one pullet here: she loves her treats...peach peels and apple cores, but she also likes to keep her distance and stand safely inside the coop door to make a fast retreat. Here are some of the more brave hens enjoy an afternoon treat of pizza crust.
Here's Rosie keeping her eye on me as I refill the water and feed inside the coop. She like to get the first peck at fresh feed but she certainly won't turn her back on me.
The payoff! Fresh eggs in the nesting boxes.

And yes, more pizza crust treats. These Barred Plymouth Rock hens are full grown and quite bossy, but hold a piece of crust up high and they'll jump for it! Hold on to it too long and they'll peck your fingers! (learned the hard way, more than once, by the youngest chicken-sitter)

Thanks for indulging me as I blather on about chickens. I had to share more pictures though because my Grandma needs to see them. She is the chicken master, after all.


Adrienne said...

What fun! Who knew chickens liked pizza - hehe

Girl said...

Hi Angela :)

My name is Erin. Our daughters are in the book exchange together. I thought I'd check out your blog today. How neat to be sitting chickens!! Now that's something most people don't get to do every day :)

Abbie's book is coming along. A little slowly because she's written a great big story but her printing takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I almost typed it for her but she seems happy doing it herself at her slow pace. Maybe we'll get it finished this week?

Your blog is lovely. Take care,

Rebekah said...

I've often wished we had a big enough yard for chickens! They would eat all these pesky large grasshoppers we get, and I'd love to have fresh eggs... Maybe I can talk my mom into getting them ;)