Tuesday, July 6, 2010

one yard wonder...i'm a little biased

I have decided that I want to wear more skirts. Actually, I decided that last summer but I never did anything about it. They're certainly cooler in this heat. They're absolutely cuter than shorts. They're incredibly comfy with a t-shirt or a tank. They're casual but can be dressed up in a jiffy with a cute pair of shoes and a nice top. But man, go into a store and you'll see they're not cheap. Even the simplest of skirts are kind of costly. I mean, it's only two pieces of fabric, two seams, some thread....shoot, I can do that.
Solution :: One Yard Wonders....Bias Skirt! So simple, so quick, so perfect. Here's the first one I made. My grandma gave me this fabulous fabric, a light, airy cotton, and I've been holding on to it, wanting to make something for me with it. I was thinking a nice little dress, but that's time consuming and if I messed up then I'd be out of some great fabric. Then I remembered the Bias Skirt and I had to make it. Just so you know, if it's only going to take one yard of fabric it needs to be 60" wide...for this pattern anyway. I've got quite a bit of fabric in my stash but it's all the standard 45" width. No big deal, it'll just take about 1 1/2 yards instead. So, after washing the dinner dishes one night I got right to it and within an hour I had a new skirt! Normally it would not take that long but I wanted this skirt to be well made so I made french seams, which takes a little longer (and oh, so worth it), and the ironing and pinning of the hem took a little time because I was eyeballing it instead of measuring.

Here's the whole thing. Yep, that's me at the end of a very long, hot, summery day. Frizzy hair ponytail, no make-up (as usual), and a smirk on my face...pretty accurate self portrait there. I was getting my girls to bed...late, as you can see by the clock on their wall and I asked Mr. Clothesline to take a picture of my new skirt. I probably should have asked him to take the picture earlier in the day, in the sunlight, before my hair got so frizzy..oh, who am I kidding, my hair is always frizzy, but natural lighting would have been nice. Anyway, I've already made a second skirt with another fabric I was hording, and I've got a third just about done. I did add a couple of inches to the length because I like a nice sturdy hem. However, I forgot to add the 2 inches to the third skirt I cut out so if I hem it the way I like it'll be too short for me. My plan is to buy or make some bias tape to sew over the raw edge that way it'll be long enough still, and it'll have that extra detail. When it's done I"ll share more pictures.

Next, I'm working my way through Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. I checked it out from the library and there a few things I'd like to make before I have to return it. Since it's going to be nearly 100 degrees for the rest of the week it seems like the perfect time to stay inside where it's cool and do a little sewing. Well, between watering the garden and playing in the sprinkler with my girls, that is.

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Adrienne said...

How cute! You and the skirt ;-) My hair has been in a pony tail/bun since summmer began ... it's hot!!! Isn't OYW a great book ... maybe one day I'll get to make something out of it again. sigh.