Thursday, July 1, 2010

you capture::green

There were choices for the You Capture theme this week. I chose green. I had grandiose ideas of being clever and capturing moments of being environmentally green, being green with envy, being green as in inexperienced at something...but alas, life took over and my ideas went out the window. I did manage to capture a couple of things are a actually just green in color. Not clever or exciting, but
First up my lovely and very fruitful cherry tomato plant. That red one seems to be showing off a bit, but at least it will motivate those green ones to get with the program.

(f/7.1, 1/200, ISO 800)

Next up, a beautiful Brown Eyed Susan. Yes, I know its yellow and brown. And no, I'm not trying to cheat and just say the leaves are green. If you look closely at the petal on the right you'll notice a tiny green insect. I didn't notice the little bug at first, but when I did see it I just had to include him in the theme this week.

(f/5, 1/2500, ISO 800)
We have been really enjoying the past few days here at the Clothesline. The weather has felt like fall and the sky has been unbelievably blue. The plants are thriving, the birds are singing, and the kiddos are soaking it up. Oh hey! Today is my sister's birthday. She's on her way down to Florida to enjoy the holiday weekend and scuba dive in her new wet suit. Yes, I know, she's cool. I'm the nerd...and I'm okay with that. Happy Birthday Mel! Watch out for sharks!!
Go to I Should Be Folding Laundry for more captures. happy thursday xo ANG


Jen said...

Those tomatoes look good! I can't wait for mine to hurry up and ripen!

Rebekah said...

Mmmmm...I need a tomato now.

DigitalCamFan said...

Great pictures! Your tomatoes look amazing! mine have itty bitty flowers on them, but no tomatoes!

Hollie said...

Love the tomatoes! Can't wait until mine are ready!

Anonymous said...

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