Friday, October 8, 2010


Just as I was mentally and physically prepared for full-on fall weather there has been a reprieve. Yesterday the temps reached 80 degrees. I donned flip flops with freshly painted hot-pink piggies. And today? Well, today is just as warm. Short sleeves, flip flops, and shorts...oh my! I am always, always, always grateful for warm days. And I do love it when the warm days linger well into the fall. A bit of advice though for you clothesline users out there...even on the warmest of days in the fall, even when there's a great breeze to fully dry every article of clothing...remember that fall means spiders, and there has been an abundance of stink bugs, so shake every single thing you take down off the clothesline. And if you want to be doubly sure that you're not carrying any stowaways into your house it's a good idea to give each load a 5-10 minute ride in the dryer. You can never be too safe. Trust me on this one, I speak from experience.
Enjoy the lingering warmth, my friends. Soak it up. happy friday xoANG

(and because you should see a pictures with every girls with every cat toy in the house...the only live cat in the house didn't make it into the picture)

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Yarny Days said...

Haha. What a cute picture!