Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This year the girls decided on their costume choices long before I could sway their decision. E chose to be a cowgirl and O chose to be an indian. The Friday before Halloween our library hosted the annual costume parade. We met our friends there and paraded through the library. It was a short burst of fun on a busy day and all of the costumes were adorable. Our favorite librarian couldn't resist a photo with the girls.
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Then on Halloween, my in-laws church had a trunk-or-treat event. We saw many wonderful costumes and decorated cars. My personal favorite was the Pirates of the Carribean car. Seriously, how cool is that? We invited our friends to join in the fun. They all got tons of candy, had a great time on the hay ride, and enjoyed each other's company. The weather was nice and warm...until the sun went down.

It's amazing to me how much fun my girls have dressing up. They dress up all the time...but I guess throwing some candy into the mix really kicks it up a notch! happy tuesday xoANG