Sunday, November 14, 2010

warming up sewing machine, that is. She's been sitting around, unused, for a while now. Christmas is coming and much sewing will be done. I've got bags, and shoe totes, and pillows, and lounge pants all on my to-make list. There may also be some soft, flannel scarves on that list, too. But my sewing machine needs to be eased into the holiday making season instead of overwhelmed all at once. Yes, she's funny that way. And yes, I'm a little kooky for talking about my machine like she's a person. Your point? Anyway, thankfully I had the perfect reason to get my sewing machine warmed apron. Yes, my dear friend, the cake genius, had a birthday and much to my delight she wears aprons as much as I do. As I pondered and searched for a new style of apron to make I came across this super cute tutorial via One Pretty Thing and I knew it was the one. Simple, but with lots of little details...gathers, contrasting top stitches, sparkly fabric, unexpected, yet very flattering, empire waist. Yes, that's the one for her.

It just so happens that the Tie One On apron theme this season is Apple Cider and since I had in my hands a freshly sewn apron I just had to enter it. The calico trim is very fallish and apple-y, the off white trim has the tiniest bit of golden sparkles and reminds me of a freshly cut apple, and the top stitching, although difficult to see in the photos, is a delicious red. So yes, I think it's Tie One On worthy. And just for extra apple-y goodness I am holding a scrumptiously crisp granny smith. Oh, yes, that's me wearing the apron. I like to have photographic proof of each sewing project I complete. And man, oh man, when the Christmas to-make list is complete I will be making one of these beauties for myself. So what's on your to-make list this season? happy weekend xoANG

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