Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tie one on:: paris apron

The newest Tie One On apron theme is Paris. It's been a while since I've made an apron so I thought this would be a fun challenge.
I pondered over what to do. I'm no expert on anything French and since the theme was Paris I decided to stick with the obvious...Eiffel Tower. I knew that I wanted to embroider it on whatever style apron I decided to make. Deciding on the style of apron was where I stalled. After thinking about it and drawing a few ideas I decided to go with a cheeky French maid style of apron. I mean, come on, that would be cute, right? My original plan was to go all white with only black embroidery. Sometimes things just don't work out like you plan, so I improvised and I am very pleased with the result. I wanted this apron, although cute, to be sturdy and wearable while cooking so I bought 100% cotton duck cloth from the local fabric shop. I love the thickness and sturdiness of duck cloth. I decided to line the apron with pink and black fabric from my stash. (left over from the detective cape) Perfect. So I found a great graphic of the Eiffel Tower and traced it on my fabric with a water erasable marker and embroidered away. It turned out just as I had hoped. Then on to the pocket. I've got to have a pocket and I wanted it to say bon appetit. I found the perfect font and again traced it and embroidered that, too. That wasn't enough so I embroidered a tiny little coffee mug on there as well.

Then it came time to assemble the whole shebang. Well, let me just say that trying to make a ruffle for a French maid style apron out of duck cloth...not gonna happen. Not at all. The wonderful thickness that drew me to the material in the first place was the very thing that put a kink in my plans. Then I remembered that in a box of fabric from my Grandma there was a big long piece of premade with white dots...PERFECT! Oops...sorry for yelling, I was a little excited. Then came the assembling of the pocket. I thought I'd try a fancier stitch on my machine and it worked great. Love it. So then I thought I'd use the same stitch all the way around the edge of the apron. Well, wouldn't you know that I ran out of black thread. Grrr. Well, since I decided to line the apron with the pink and I had plenty of pink thread I decided to just use that and it would help bring it all together. Add a couple of buttons at the top for extra cuteness and you've got an apron. Oh, then I tried to add the apron ties.

Again with the thick duck cloth. I broke my needle when I was only inches from being finished. Thankfully I had extra needles already. So by carefully sewing through the thick layers my Paris apron is finally complete.

Now, I suppose I should go wash the dishes or start working on dinner...wearing my new apron.
Sorry, for the picture heavy post, but my mom needed to see lots of pictures. Happy Wednesday. xoANG


Theresa said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Miss you!!!

Adrienne said...

WOW! Look at that embroidery! Great job. I received some embroidery books for Christmas but haven't had time to crack them open. :-( I need to change that!

futuregirl said...

YOU EMBROIDERED THAT EIFFEL TOWER?!?!?!? I thought it was a printed applique. I'm freaking out. That is so amazing. Great work! The secret pink backing fabric is an adorable touch.

annette said...

I love your Eiffel Tower! Very beautifully stitched!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the tower was embroidered. Wow.

I made mine from a similar duck cloth - love it, too, but you're right about it being a little tricky to work with! I didn't even attempt a duck ruffle. :)