Sunday, July 24, 2011

the place to be

At any given time throughout the day, whether it's stifling hot and humid or breezy and cool, if you need to find us we'll be down by the butterfly bush.
As soon as the back door opens the girls are drawn to the butterflies. On some days there seems to be hundreds of them all beautiful and graceful floating from flower to flower.
They sit still long enough sometimes for us to watch them find nectar with their curly proboscis. They sit still long enough sometimes to be caught, too. Gently, of course and nearly immediately set free.
We've seen quite the variety of butterflies and moths. We have also seen a few hummingbird bumblebees. They are quite stunning little creatures. I clearly capture one in flight, but they are so quick, and their wings are barely visible since they beat so fast. I did manage to capture a half blurry shot of one and just had to share it.
Sometimes the butterflies land on the lower flowers right in front of us so we can admire the details of their wings, but as soon as we get too close they fly to the higher blooms just out of reach.
Just for fun, the next picture is a shot of the back of our house from the butterfly bush. Yes, there is a glorious clothesline there on the right. What a treat to have one in place already here at the new house.
We've been doing a lot of work here and there. Painting, cleaning, counter top refinishing, unpacking, living out of boxes...then at the old house, much of the, moving stuff, putting things in boxes. The work fills our days but it is work with great reward. We are loving our new home. It's like it was made for us. And as we clean out our old home we can appreciate how special our first little house is to us and we hope it will be just as special to the new owner...whomever that may be.
I will be showing our old home on Thursday to a prospective buyer. Please pray that she will fall in love with it just as we did 6 years ago. Stay cool in this wonderful summer heat! xoANG

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Adrienne said...

I just sent you an email (b/c I was finally catching up!) and here you go and post ... I was wondering how you all were doing and how the move was going - maybe it was esp - you knew I needed a clothes line fix ;-)

we had a butterfly bush at our old house ... I miss it - I bet it's as big as yours. Time to plant another!