Wednesday, July 6, 2011

busy as a...

well, ya know.

Packing, hauling, cleaning, spackling,

sanding, cabinet removing, ripping out carpet,

cleaning some more, sweating like a dog in this humidity and heat....

but moving!
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Yep, we've been busy here, moving from this adorable, best ever first home of ours...

to this spacious home that has waited to be ours for six long months. She's got a big yard that aches to be home to a huge garden, a small orchard, and a gorgeous flock of chickens. Oh yes, new home, we've got big plans for you!

So I've been away from this space for a good reason. Life has been happening. Father's Day was a wonderful celebration, we took care of our friends chickens, the girls took swimming lessons which advanced their skills to swimming in deep water and gaining the bravery to jump off the diving board, the 4th was great and we enjoyed some spectacular fireworks. So between carloads of boxes we have managed to squeeze in some great fun all while the computer, the sewing machine, the crochet hooks and yarn, and good summer reads have all been left to fend for themselves. I'll try to be more present here. Until next time please enjoy the pictures that I took of the many different types of bees that are enjoying the lavender and clover in our yard. xoANG


Zoƫ said...

Glad you are still out there. Have a good move and enjoy the last days in your old house, just as you will enjoy the first days in your new house.

If I was close I would come over and help you pack for a while to help out, but because I am not you will just have to know that we are thinking of you.

Good luck.

Adrienne said...

I was just driving down F. Avenue and was thinking of you wondering if you moved yet. What a great house! Big plans are underway I see ;-)