Saturday, November 5, 2011

fall traditions

The weather is changing. The maple trees are fringed with red. The evening sun shines through the window and casts a golden glow throughout the house. That's when we know it's time for some of our fall traditions.
The first one is like stepping back in time. A day where we get to experience and learn about life long ago. It's always a great reminder of how blessed we are to have so many conveniences.

There were people making candles and butter. There were men and women dressed in period clothing. Layers and layers of clothing. One man showed us a very cool compass-sundial. I'd never seen anything like it. He let me try it out...and it was very accurate. Now I want to make a sun dial. You know, one in the yard made of pretty stones with flowers growing all around it. Hmmm, maybe in the spring.
The next fun thing we always enjoy is a trip to the pumpkin patch. We pass by the pumpkin patch several times before we actually make the trip which inevitably brings about the question...when are we going to the pumpkin patch? Every year we meet our friends there, my mom comes and brings my cousin so he can play with the girls, and we all have a great time. It's always really fun. There's nothing more fun than getting covered in hay, ruining a couple of pairs of socks, playing in the teepee, sliding down slides, jumping in castles, and painting cute little pumpkins while enjoying the company of friends and family.
Before I knew it, it was Halloween. The day before Halloween we went to Grandma and Pop's church for a hay ride and some serious trunk or treat fun which led to more candy then will ever be necessary. Then on Monday we met our friends at the library for the annual costume parade. All of the librarians were dressed up this year and all of the kids were adorable. I saw more of the parents dressed up this year, too. Right after the costume parade we went to the mall to show off the costumes where it was warm.
Some of the mall employees oohed and aahed over our group of kids. There were also a few elderly women who thought the kids were adorable, too. I mean seriously, look at them. How can you not think they're adorable? October was a very busy month and it flew by in a flash. I can hardly believe that it's November already. There are special birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas gift making, and so much more on the horizon for this month. Hold on to your hats this is going to be a fast one, too. xoANG

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Theresa said...

Cute pictures...what fun times we have together!!! Yes, the dirty socks, the ruined socks...and I forgot to tell you we lost one pair of sneakers that day too...bummer. Oh well, it was fun!!! XO