Thursday, September 18, 2008

a big, giant....

loser! That's what I am...when it comes to winning a swimming race. Oh yes. It's the end of an era. The crumbling of a life-long swimming record.

Let me explain. For years growing up my sister and I would race from one side of the pool to the other. I always won! Yeah, me, the little sister. Even when we were college age and happened to be at a pool together for the family vacation, I still won. Then I got married, lived in Hawaii for a while in a place that had a pool. (yes, some people that live in Hawaii still have pools...crazy, I know) Tim and I would race....I always won. Always! Being better at something than Tim, just one thing, was so nice. Sadly, because I always won, he stopped racing me. For years we haven't raced. I've convinced a few people over the years to race me in the pool only to watch them stop mid-race because I was winning (you know who you are!). So, my warped sense of victory remained. Then it happened.

I finally lost.

On our vacation at Carolina Beach there was pool. The girls had a fabulous time with their new water wings and sense of safety and freedom in the water. It was so nice to see them really enjoying the water. Here's a picture of them.
Tim's not really much of a pool person but the last day was super hot so he got in the pool with me and the girls. I convinced him to race me. It never even crossed my mind that I could lose. I've never lost a pool race. But there he was touching the wall first. The horror! I'm not super competitive and am usually a gracious loser...I lose at just about everything else when in competition with Tim, but I couldn't accept it. We raced three times, and I lost all three times. I don't really harbor bitter feelings, but you better believe that every time we're near a pool there will be a rematch until I win again. I know I'm older now, and obviously not as fast as I used to be, but a girl can try, right?
Well, that's not the end of it. I lost again yesterday. My friend Kim and I signed up for a community class...water aerobics. Let me just say that I felt like a spring chicken in that group. We weren't sure if we'd enjoy the class, but we did. Not so much for the exercise factor, but for the entertainment factor. I have never laughed so much in my life. There were several "older" women that looked like they just came from the salon with their fresh hairdo that should last for a week or so...and they had on a full face of make-up. They were really fixed up...for the pool? Hilarious! And one of the things we had to do was walk around in the pool in a big circle. A little warm-up exercise. Not so funny, right? WRONG! On the turn away from the wall to go across to the other side the current was quite strong and kept carry some of the women out towards the deeper end. I've never seen anything so funny in my whole life. Okay, so big, southern salon hair, full make-up in a pool trying to stay dry is funnier. I guess you had to be there. Well, we finished our class a few minutes early and had some free time to swim, dive, float....race! Oh yes, that's right. Kim raced me. I.lost.again. Seriously, what is up with that? Oh well, such is life. We did have some extra fun jumping in near the hairdo ladies as they straddled their pool noodles and floated around chatting in the deep end. That alone is a sight to see. They didn't like getting splashed...but hey, it's a pool...splash happens! Good times, I tell ya, good times.
So there you have it. I have been dethroned, not only by Tim, but by my friend...oh, what's her name?....Kim, that's right. (I couldn't resist was just too easy :o)


Zoƫ said...

I think you just need to be swimming more!!! Do not let it get to you, just practice while they are not looking, get good, and then BEAT THE PANTS OFF THEM;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Gertrude,
Sometimes, I forget who I am, too.
Best regards,
Fanny (aka Kim Y.)

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you for admitting this! lol I am so competitive-- it hurts my pride to admit a loss.

Keep at it girlie, they will be stopping mid-race in no time! ;)

Adrienne said...

he he - i"m not laughing b/c you lost, I'm laughing b/c of the old ladies! go get 'em girl!