Thursday, April 9, 2009

i spy...

a deer in the woods::we were both trying to be quiet
a tiny nest in an open field::empty but amazing... made of leaves, twigs, and ... horse hair?
a sweet girl peeking out::sunny laundry days are the best
a determined bubble blower::serious concentration...always followed by a smile
the beautiful colors of spring::grape hyacinth, white hyacinth, red tulips
daffodil debut::bulbs planted 3 years ago...first blooms


Zoƫ said...

Man spring is really there!!!! We are just getting things poking their heads up here. Enjoy

Rebekah said...

This post goes from lovely to adorable to beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

A birds nest always amazes me. It's perfectly made.

The flowers are beautiful and your little one's hair...LOVE the wind blown tendrils.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just love all the signsof spring. The flowers are so pretty and so are my girls; I know they were happy to get outside and enjoy the day!!Love BigG