Tuesday, April 28, 2009

spring top::complete

I did it! I finished my new top for Spring Top Week hosted by Made By Rae. I used Simplicity 4589...and other than the difficulty of gathers and sewing curves it came together quite nicely. I added a couple of inches to the sleeve length because I'm not a huge fan of cap sleeves. I also added a few inches to the overall length. It's came out a little snug around the..ahem...mid-section so I ripped out the seam at the bottom and sewed it with slits at the hem. Oh, and because I evidently can't sew on a curve there was an obvious unevenness at the neckline so I made a covered button flower out of the same material and pinned it on right over the crooked spot! Clever, right?

Yes, I know the fabric is bright. And really, these shots are quite accurate, color wise. Chartreuse, I believe. Very springy. I wore it yesterday with my light blue skirt which seemed to tone it down nicely. It is very comfy and flattering. And....I got a compliment from a total stranger. She said she really liked my shirt...I said thanks. Tim said...You didn't tell her that you made it? Normally I would, but she was our cashier and there was a line...

I think I'll make another top, but with the square neckline next time.


Zoƫ said...

It is GREAT Looking!!! You did a wonderful job and I would have never guessed that the flower was not meant to be there.

BTW I think that you need to put a photo of your self on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I think it came out great! The square neck will be a nice look too.

-Very springy! :)

Adrienne said...


I ~love~ it. Happy fabric and all!!!! I've gotta get that pattern. I really need a top pick me up. The flower is genius ;-)

Regina said...

I made this top a while back and had the same troubles. Next time I'm doing the square neck. I already have the fabric picked out.

Your shirt is pretty and I love the bright green. The flower is VERY clever too!

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it. I am proud of you. BigG