Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last week when the Some of a Kind kids and the Clothesline Chronicles kids were chatting around the water fountain, Adrienne and I were sharing project ideas, new yarn discoveries, and planning out our Christmas gift lists. Oh, we have grandiose plans this year. There are so many great things to create and so much yarn to choose was a little overwhelming to think about. Then the idea hit about a crochet-along. Motivation: check. Accountability: check. Fun: check.

Wanna join us? Here are the guidelines:
  • Try something new! ...a new stitch, a new pattern. Never crocheted before? Well, give it a whirl.
  • Make something for yourself!..yes, yourself! I know, it's nearly unheard of but you can do it.
  • Join the Crochet-along flickr group and post pictures of your creations. And yes, you can copy the picture for your blog and link it to the flickr group.
  • Official deadline is November 20th. Yes, the plan is to have our crocheted gifts completed before Thanksgiving so we can relax and enjoy the holiday season. Of course the crocheting doesn't have to stop there...once you're hooked it's hard to stop!



Adrienne said...

We just crack me up! Happy day (and hooking!) ... you should see what i've packed for the beach - high hopes for some quiet time!

Anonymous said...

Great coneflower and a great idea to crochet along. I will get Mom to look at it. Big G