Monday, July 13, 2009

three hour tour

I am so exhausted right have no idea. I'm so glad I took typing in high school so I can do this with my eyes closed. I just don't have the energy to type and hold my eyelids open at the same time. So what's the deal? Oh, well, you see we went for a short little, Tim, and the girls. No problem. We had an hour and a half before dinner and this should take no more than an hour. HA! So we drove to this place to park our car, crossed the main road, and entered this trail that took us to the top of a mountain. No problem, for reals, no problem. Twenty-five minutes, minimal whining, nice breeze, few bugs...great! We enjoyed the view from the top...I'll share a few pictures later when my brain remembers how to find the sd card in my camera. The whole city, the college, the big letters..great stuff. We sat in the gazebo (love gazebos by the way...I'd like to have one some day so when it's raining I can sing Sixteen Going on Seventeen while dancing about...i digress) to catch to rest for a few minutes then down we went. Oh, but we took a different trail. Why? Well, the reason was so we wouldn't back track, but it took us to the other side of the mountain and way, way, waaaaaaaaaay, down the road. Oh, yes, we hiked, they whined, we climbed big hills, and yes, we did it! We made it...three hours total. And now we're home... I found only three mosquito bites, but five ticks. So now every freckle and speck of dirt looks like a tick to me. So with my new found paranoia I would like to say good night. My fingers have decided to shut down for the night much like my eyelids. Thank goodness for spell check. xo ANG

UPDATE:: We're all a little tired this morning but not sore. We got some great exercise and have a great story to share with our friends. And for your viewing pleasure, here's a view from the top and the gazebo.


Adrienne said...

OH my! I don't know we would have had enough sense to make it out!!!

Amy said...

Gazebo and rain= nice combo!!! *sigh*

3 hours, huh?? Wow!

Zoƫ said...

I think I would have sat down and let my husband take the kids back for the car:) heeheehee just kidding..... (was there a nice spa where you came down????