Saturday, April 16, 2011

it's time make time...for sewing. I've been staring at a pile of very colorful bandannas to make some adorable summery shorts for my girls and for a special little cousin. I've got the instructions to make the shorts in my Craft Hope book. I just need to do it. It'll be a good warm up project for me and my sewing machine. Also, they'd make a lovely addition to the Easter basket. Then I'll be ready for the more exciting project for Spring Top Week! I bought a pattern back in January that I've been waiting to use. The time has finally come. Now I just need to choose the fabric.

It's rainy and windy here today. Perfect for staying in and getting some sewing done. First though, I need to make a loaf of bread, make a fresh batch of chicken broth, put away the clean, folded laundry that's been staring at me for two days, and paint my toenails. Okay, the last thing isn't really necessary, but I love painted toenails. It just feels more summery. And if I feel more summery, maybe one day the sun will come out and stay out. The question is, which color? summer sky blue, sparkly royal purple, bubble gum pink, big money green, or juicy tangerine...decisions, decisions. happy weekend. xoANG

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Zoƫ said...

go with the pink!

I hope you get to sewing this weekend.