Friday, April 8, 2011

spring things

Since I last stopped in to give you an update more things have transpired. First, my baby lost her first tooth. Seriously...adorable, right? Second, a friend of mine, that lets me enjoy her chickens, got six new chicks. They're fluffy and chirpy and adorable.
We held them and watched them as they pecked and scurried around in the warmth of the heat lamp.

Third, my flowers are blooming!
Tulips, grape hyacinth, daffodils...gorgeous, colorful signs of spring in every spot in the yard I could plant a bulb.
The azaleas have buds and will be blooming soon.

Forth, we have been enjoying the warm, sunny days that are sandwiched between cold, rainy, wintry days. The confounded dandelions have made a serious comeback this spring. I love their cheerful, sunny color...but I don't want them to take over my yard. The clover has dibs on the yard evidently, but the dandelions are giving them a run for their money.

Fifth, we've had a few play dates that were spontaneous and fun.
Spending time with friends is such a treat. That just about sums up the last couple of weeks. The next few days look very promising. There will be lots of yard work fun work and gardening and playing! enjoy, my friends, enjoy! xoANG

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Anonymous said...

I see you had time to get to the blog. The missing tooth! She is groeing up. Joe saw the picture and said "eye, yi,yi" That must hurt." Love Big G