Friday, May 20, 2011

beach brain overload

This week has been pretty nice. The temperatures have been a little cooler than normal here at the beach, but at home in Virginia it's been cold and raining. The grass in my yard should be nice and tall by now. I am hoping that my garden is growing nicely. Yes, I know we'll be moving soon, but with all of the unknowns of the house buying process I didn't want to miss this gardening season. I did plant some things in containers in the event that we would be moving so I could take them with me.
Anyway, my brain is full so I'm just going to unload here.
*we have found some shark teeth, not as many as last year, but still, we found some
*there haven't been as many shells this time around, not such a bad thing I many shells do we really need anyway?
*we have found some live creatures this time on the beach...a blue crab-that didn't want to let go of the sand shovel and pinched Tim's finger...two starfish-both beautiful and amazing, one with a regenerating leg...a sea urchin-small and spiny....a whelk-like a beautiful giant snail
*I've been a bad blogger...I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I normally do. Sometimes I just completely forgot to take my camera and sometimes it was more fun to be in the moment that to just watch it all through the lens of a camera
*the work that is waiting for me at home tends to overwhelm my thoughts at times
*the house we are moving into needs some and painting mostly, which I am actually looking forward to
*paint colors fill my thoughts when I try to go to sleep at will be so nice to have something besides white walls
*we did see dolphins one had a baby swimming with her..very cool
*today the ocean looks like glass and sounds heavenly. it's been pretty choppy all week
*we must have walked a hundred miles this week, no one is sunburned, but our legs are tired
*the full moon on Tuesday night was huge and orange as it rose in the sky
*Tim took me on a date, the dinner was good, the time was relaxing, the computers at the restaurant crashed so we got a free dessert while we waited for the check...homemade key lime pie...eventually they had to actually use their brains to manually add taxes to find a total.
*the water in the condo doesn't stink like it normally does but it's doing a number on my curly hair...the frizz is almost unbearable
*the girls have a tv in their room this time and they have loved watching cartoons
*I brought my yarn and knitting needles...I'm trying to relearn what my librarian taught me last year so that I can expand my knitting skills
*today I have to pack again so that tomorrow morning's departure will be quick and painless.
I promise to share pictures with you next week. I've got some good ones.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun in the sun. Look forward to having you home again.BigG