Monday, May 2, 2011

on lunch meat and lying

...and being a mom.
Just when you think you know your children, what they think, how they behave, things they like, things they don't like, things they continually do, and things they would never do...they make a change. Sometimes that is a wonderful thing. A change for the better. A change that shows independent thinking. A change simply because they are growing and maturing. A change in preferences like clothes, hairstyles, or toenail polish. What a joy it is to be a mom. It's the most rewarding part of life and sometimes the most difficult.
I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes it's really tough but often times that's when I learn the most about how to be the mom that God wants me to be. It's definitely a lifelong journey and there is always something new just around the bend. There is never a dull moment. Busy moments, yes. Frustrating moments, oh yes. Fun moments, absolutely. Rewarding, amazing, wonderful moments, more than I deserve. Dull moments...never. Which brings me to a recent event in the Clothesline household. An event I was not prepared for, but met head-on.
It was lunch time. We ate together as a family. The girls had lunch meat as part of their meal. Because we are gluten free the lunch meat (which was the requested turkey...because there has been a new aversion to ham and roast beef) was rolled up with a toothpick. Fun, I know. Anyway, when the girls were finished eating it was time to use the bathroom and wash up for rest time. Yes, my girls still have rest time. Okay, mostly it's for me so I can let my ears and my brain have a rest, but they need rest, too. Then to their room they went. Tim was heading back to work and saw something strange in the toilet. Hmmm...could that be turkey? Why yes, it is turkey..floating in the toilet. What?! and Eeewww! One little kiddo had some 'splainin' to do. Now this particular kiddo is notorious for being a hard nut to crack. And way back when she was four-ish we had an issue or two with a lying tongue and a hard heart. Surely we're not going down that road again. We shall see, I thought.
After rest time was over I asked the suspect kiddo if she ate all of her lunch.
All of it?
Even your turkey?
Yes, I finished swallowing it in the bathroom when I washed my hands.
The responses from said suspect kiddo quickly turned to tears when reminded about how God hates a lying tongue and how He knows our actions and thoughts even before we do. More tears.
So, did you eat all of your lunch.
What did you do with your turkey?
I threw it away.
In the...
In the....
Choose to tell the truth. We are always given a opportunity to make the right choice.
In the toilet....but I flushed it.
There were more tears, an apology (first for lying, second for wasting food, third for potentially clogging our toilet), some discipline, and lots of hugs. It's tough being a mom, especially when there is a piece of lunch meat floating in the toilet. But you know what? I wouldn't change a thing. It's the most wonderful blessing, gift, and responsibility that I could have ever been given. So, Happy Mother's Day Mama. Oh, and Mama, sorry for feeding my liver and onions to the dog. At least I didn't try to flush them down the toilet. :-)


Adrienne said...

Oh my! We have a hard nut to crack around here to who just so happens to be four .... Good job mama!

Happy mother's day!

Anonymous said...

Angela, sometimes it is not only children who have a hard time coughing up the truth. Sometimes it can be your husband, my husband, I think you know his name. I had made banana bread and my husband had told me it was good. Well walking into the bathroom I happened to look in the toilet and their was a piece of water soaked banana bread, not a pretty sight! When I asked him about the bread he told me he meant to flush but forgot!!!! Thanks hubby, needless to say it was a long time before I made banana bread again, and with a different recipe. Could some of Pop's genes have passed into one of these precious granddaughters? Love, G.S.

Anonymous said...

Gave the liver and onions to the dog huh? I think I must have given my to the dog too! Whatever possessed me to make that? Must have been something your father wanted back in the day!!!Ha, Ha, Ha
Love Big G