Friday, July 11, 2008

simplicity & smoothness

I finally finished my skirt! It's hard to believe. I cut it out last summer, then I got completely intimidated by the written directions, then when I got the nerve to sew it together my sewing machine stopped working. Then I got my machine working again and made some dresses for my girls. So finally it's done....and it fits! I had to do lots of new things...used interfacing, sew a blind hem, put in a zipper. I'm pleased with the finished product. I'm ready to try my next pattern...Simplicity #4583. Okay, so I probably should have cleaned the mirror in the girls room before I took this picture, but I didn' please excuse all of the hand prints. And I probably should have ironed the skirt and shirt...please excuse the wrinkles.

Okay, so for my birthday one of my gifts was the Ped Egg (or as Miss E calls Pet Egg ). I've wanted one ever since I saw the commercial. During the summer I rarely wear shoes, and if I do they are usually flip-flops so my feet get dry and rough. I like nice soft, smooth that too much to ask? Anyway, I know it seems weird or gross, but my feet couldn't be happier :o)

A couple more blog was mentioned at The King's Table. She has started a Thankful Thursday post, too. I'm so excited that something I started is enjoyed enough to inspire others.
Also...yesterday was my aunt Betsy's birthday, but with the whole ear wax drama I totally forgot to mention it. She's a college professor, a wonderful equestrian, and a very talented artist. So Happy Birthday Betsy! I hope you're enjoying the beach! Yes, that's her holding Miss E was she was a tiny big fat baby.


Amy said...

OO LA LA!! You did a great job. The whole outfit looks nice. I adore your shoes. So cute!

Zoƫ said...

GREAT JOB!!! I love it. I have not tried anything for me yet. I agree that the patterns have weird directions. I just forget them and work by winging it... maybe not a good idea LOL

Adrienne said...

What a great skirt! Sounds like it was an adventure to make ;-)

~ANG said...

Thanks for the compliments. I have found that once I get over the pattern intimidation that's it's fun...especially if the outcome is nice :o)