Friday, June 5, 2009

the dress

Every year I make my girls a dress for their birthday. The fabric goes along with the theme, naturally. Now, we don't do big shindigs, but they do get to choose the cake design and then everything else just follows suit. Well, for miss E's birthday she wanted a princess crown cake with jewels and sprinkles. Done. Not my best cake decorating job. Totally avoidable, but I didn't make my own icing this time...big mistake. Thank goodness I had lots and lots of sprinkles. And the jewels? Those are fruit gusher gummies. She was thrilled with the outcome...and that's all that matters. The cake, by the way, was my first gluten free birthday cake...prepackaged mix made by 'Cause You're Special. The best gluten free cake I have ever tasted. Seriously. The texture, moisture, and taste were just like a regular cake!

Then as she was with me in the fabric store one day she saw the elastic smocked princess fabric and my decision had been made for me. I usually like to peruse the fabric store alone and find just the right fabric for THE dress, but not this time.

Now, for the trim at the hem, I didn't just sew on a strip of fabric. I used a quilt binding technique I learned from Dear Fii. It makes for a beautiful finish with no exposed seams. Yes, I know it was intended for quilts, but it works perfectly for dresses and skirts, too.
Now I can relax and finish sewing a dress for myself that I started 2 summers ago. Maybe I'll get that done in time for my birthday so I can have a new birthday dress, too. Also, on a birthday note, miss O is already in the thinking process for her next birthday cake. Now that she's a whopping six going on seven, she has decided to ponder upon it for a while before committing to a cake design. I mean , for heaven's sake, she's only got until January to make a decision. My guess? I think she'll go with something cat-ish OR something owl-ish. Either way, I can totally do that. Although, for the sake of uniqueness I'm hoping for owls. I'll let you know when she makes a decision.
Have a lovely Thursday....xo ANG


Kim Yeatts said...

very cute!

Adrienne said...

Oh my Gosh! I love the blog overhaul ... you're gonna have to share - it looks awesome!

As for the dress ... everyone has to cheat every once in awhile - it looks great!