Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i'm just sayin'

Did you realize that June is half gone already?
Where did it go? How can this happen? Oh man, Father's Day is this coming Sunday...then before I even have a chance to think it'll be July. July! ~deep breath~ It's a big month in my family. Lots of birthdays and family gatherings. I love it all...every second of it, but I'm just not prepared. In my mind I have deemed this "the year of handmade gifts" and so far everything has gone really well. I have enjoyed every moment sewing, crocheting, and embroidering. I love taking the time to make special things for the special people in our lives. But now all of a sudden it's almost July. Believe me, I'm not complaining when I say this because my garden is growing like crazy and my water bill is not outrageous, but it's raining again and I can't get my sewing done on the front porch when it rains. I'm just sayin'. Nap time is my uninterrupted sewing/cleaning/exercising/blogging time and when it rains, well, sewing just doesn't happen. I guess I better get cracking and make an actual list of gifts that I want to make so I can use my time more wisely. I won't forget what to make, but having a list to check off works for me...keeps me on task...makes me plan more I can finish everything without stressing out and sewing like a mad woman the day before everything should be done. Not that I would ever act like that...I'm just sayin'Oh, and here's a picture of the girls being brave while they swing... No hands!
Have a great I've gotta go make a list. xo ANG


Anonymous said...

" Look mom, no hands!!" :) Yes,time is passing by quickly. The schools around here start next month!

BTW- The dress looks great! And I adore the material.

Rebekah said...

Handmade gifts are wonderful, even though the stress of getting them done in time can make it tough. But it's still worth it!