Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new things

The first NEW thing: I finished my dress! Woot!Woot! It fits, I love it, and yes, I figured out the whole zipper thing! As usual my mom talked me through it. Thanks Mama, you're a genius! I will, however, try the invisible zipper on my next project. Sorry I don't have a clearer full shot of the dress, but miss O was my assistant and I think she did a great job. The dress hits me right below the knee. So....what do you think? I'd still like to know what the writing says. Got any ideas?
The second NEW thing: Because I love the fit of my dress I want to use the skirt pattern part to make just a skirt. It's a simple, but fits me perfectly, A-line skirt. I've got this cute little tulip fabric...it's quite stretchy (polyester) but with some red trim it'll be just perfect for July 4th!

The third NEW thing: My garden is growing! I've got peppers...lots of tiny little peppers! I've also got lots and lots of tiny little tomatoes. My sweet 100, husky cherry red, and lemon boy all have itty bitty tomatoes growing on them. I've got to stay on top of those suckers though. They grow fast! My radishes are almost ready, the sugar snap peas are reaching for the fence, the squash and zucchini have big blooms, the cucumber vines are growing and there are lots of buds...and my pumpkin plants...well, they are getting huge . I'm gonna try for my first made-from-scratch pumpkin pie this fall.

The fourth NEW thing: I haven't crocheted in a long time, but as soon as I saw this basket I just knew that I had to make it! Do you hear that? I think my yarn stash is calling me...maybe it was all of my pretty hooks:o) Okay, okay, I know, it was the basket! hehe! I've been holding on to some periwinkle Sugar 'n Cream yarn for just the right project...and this is it! I've started the bottom of the basket and it's coming along nicely. The pattern is easy to follow and it's free! Click here to get the pattern for yourself! I sure hope mine turns out as beautiful as this one. Now, if only my basket will fill itself with wonderful yarn when I'm done!

(picture from The Purl Bee )

So there you have it...four new things. What's new with you? xo ANG


Anonymous said...

Your dress looks fabulous. The Purl basket is so cute.I want to see yours too, when it is finished. Love BigG

Melissa~ said...

Oh the basket is beautiful! Thanks for the link, because you know I have hardly *any* projects to work on right now...*snort*...

Love those fresh veggies! Wish I didn't kill every green thing I tried to grow...heh-heh...

♥ Melissa~
Pink Paper Peppermints

Adrienne said...

That dress is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. man oh man is it beautiful! What a great job you did! Good for you!!!!1

Rebekah said...

That dress looks great on you!! Kudos for braving it & finishing :)

wtg on the growing garden! I am hoping to be able to plant more good stuff next year, it was just too hard with the new yard this year to do more than just figure out the new bushes & stuff.