Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lollipops and sanity

Today between hanging loads of laundry on the clothesline, changing the litter box for our lovely new pet, filling and refilling cups with ice cold water so we could have some relief from the Virginia heat and humidity , and a little house work... my sanity was alittle fragile. Don't get me wrong,the girls were very good today. They did their school work with no complaints, shared coveted toys with minimal complaining, and enjoyed drawing pictures together. So why so fragile? The fretting, the teasing undertones that always result in whining, the constant loud voices (happy or not...loud is loud), oh, and fretting. Oh, wait, did I mention fretting? Right, I did. It's genetic...I'm not mentioning any names...I'm just saying. :o) So what saved the day? Lollipops. DumDums to be exact. They're tiny, but my beautiful offspring always sit quietly and read while they enjoy their little round sugary treats and there is blessed silence. It doesn't last long...20 minutes or so (sometimes less because I have a cruncher...sometimes longer if there is a contest to see who can make the world smallest lollipop), but it's enough time for my brain to recover from a day full of over stimulation and it's enough time for me to put the clean laundry away and wash the dinner dishes. So as I sit here tonight and ponder over the events of the day I am happy to say that my sanity is still intact and I am thankful for every single second.
On a sewing note::I haven't finished my dress yet, I am still pondering what to do with the zipper. I'm still open to any and all sewing advice.
Good night and sweet dreams...xo ANG

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