Thursday, October 1, 2009

in through the nose...out through the mouth

Is today really October 1st? Is tomorrow really Friday?


Where has the time gone. September where did you go? I wasn't ready to head into fall full blast. This morning the temperature was 39 degrees!!! Are you kidding me?! Well, I am sorry for the lack of posts here but I'm sure you understand, right? Last week we all had a cold. And although it was a relatively mild cold it sure did make me exhausted. Also, we have been staying on schedule with homeschooling which takes up more time this year than it did last year. Oh, I'm not complaining, in fact I am enjoying it more and so are the girls. It just takes more time. Also, when it is a little warm and sunny we are trying to take advantage of every single ray of sunshine that this season has to offer.

(picture has nothing to do with post...cute, no?)

On the crafty/sewing/crocheting front there hasn't been much activity. I've been formulating and tweaking and organizing my list for Christmas. Meanwhile, I've got Halloween costumes to create, a wedding anniversary to look forward to, a special November birthday to prepare for, and a January birthday that is the week after Christmas that needs some special pondering time of it's own. So although I have nothing tangible at the moment to share with you I do have a partial list that I'd like to share. I do, however, reserve the right to add or delete items from said list.

Things to sew:

lavender dryer sachet

tea wallets

owl softie ornament

an apron or two

holiday bunting (banner)

Things to crochet:



fingerless gloves

mittens/hat (for girls)

chapstick holder

vests (for girls)

When I have a little more time I'll link to some great free patterns and tutorials that I plan on using so you can make some fun things, too. Now that I see my list in the making I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I just need to breathe deeply and get busy!

How's your list coming along? xo ANG


Adrienne said...

I'm so behind. But I am loving the purse I made and that makes me happy so I try not to think about everything else I haven't done. Bummer the colds lasted a week. Glad you are on the mend.

Zoƫ said...

Uhhhh yeah ummm my list is ummmm going well...... (OK you got me my list is just in my head and only a little bit..... man I got to get started on it, thanks for the push;)

Rebekah said...

Hey you, you're a winner!!! Get over to my blog and see :D