Saturday, October 3, 2009

win some, lose some

Well, today was an exciting day for me. I won a giveaway from Rebekah...of Sunnybrook Farm Designs. Oh, what did I win? you ask. Well, in honor of her new fall line of beautiful, handmade, little girls clothing called Caramel Apple she was hosting a giveaway of a delicious chocolate and caramel covered apple from nikid on etsy. Oh, I am excited! This baby is big enough for four people to I think I'll be sharing. Okay, I know I'll be sharing and not just because I'd have to run a marathon to burn the calories that it contains but because it'll be too yummy to keep to myself. Thanks Rebekah!

Now about the losing. Remember when I entered these aprons in the Tie One On mad about plaid contest?
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The winner was posted today and I didn't win. Bummer! I still had fun creating and sewing. It was a random drawing so my chances were slim. However, if you go to Amy Karol's mad about plaid apron gallery page to see all of the aprons that were entered you'll find my Key West Kilt Apron featured! Woot! Woot! So that's kinda like winning, right? While I'm on the topic of aprons...the new theme for Tie One On is peppermint candy. Yep, red and white just in time for the holidays. I've got my Christmas list...but maybe I can squeeze in some apron sewing time. Maybe.
Happy weekend. xo ANG


Anonymous said...

Your apron was so cute I just love it. It really is a winner!! Congrats on the big apple winnings. I know the girls will enjoy sharing it. Love Big G

Rebekah said...

I hope you'll enjoy that yummy apple - you'll have to tell me all about how delicious it is :)