Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the big five

Today is a special day in the Clothesline family.

This tiny little baby of mine,

that eventually became very roly-poly,

is no longer a baby.

She has, at last, become a big kid.

Alas, she is now FIVE years old,

with a five year old body big enough to match her huge personality.

Time does fly. It really does. I can remember when she was tiny, her loud, mouth-wide-open cry, her scooting - not crawling. And now she's five. Tall and fast. Sweet and helpful. Funny and full of love. Love for her sister, for her cat, and anything that crawls or leaves a trail of slime. She's complex, this one. Girly to the core...loving shoes and fancy jewels, but also loving to get dirty and climb and jump and play.
Happy Birthday Baby!


Adrienne said...

Time flies doesn't it. Wow. 5 years old. Happy bday!

Zoƫ said...

She has gotten so much bigger just since I have been reading your blog!!!
Happy B-day

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love From Big Gramma