Tuesday, May 11, 2010

settle down, beavis...or playing with fire

sunshine + magnifying glass = fire
sunshine + magnifying glass + slight breeze = small fire
sunshine + magnifying glass + slight breeze + broken flower pot = contained fire

sunshine + magnifying glass + broken flower pot + extreme heat = exploding fire

As you can see, the girls aren't in any of these pictures. They were very interested and amazed that Dad could start a fire just using the power of the sun and the curve of a magnifying glass. So, yes, there was some actual learning going on here (homeschooling at it's best), but the girls opted to keep their distance to be safe. They did collect leaves and sticks to make the fire bigger and bigger. Then, yes, the pot exploded from the heat. Just so you know, the pot was already cracked from being crushed by several feet of snow over the winter months so we knew it was a possibility. The fire was always contained but it was so hot that the concrete driveway was warm to the touch. Amazing! Playing with fire - check...learning about fire -check...being safe around fire - check. Now the girls want to start a fire by rubbing two stick together! Happy Tuesday xo ANG

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Zoƫ said...

Now that is the difference between having boys and having girls. I would never tell Elijah he could do that ..... he would burn down the house. (I am not looking forward to the day he finds out:)

Have a fun time on vacation.