Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a gift

So there are only a couple of days before Christmas. I don't really feel stressed about it. I hope you're not stressed either. Things are getting accomplished. What I have enjoyed spending time doing is thinking and talking with my girls about what Christmas is really about. Sure present making and giving is fun. Baking is fun. Cleaning clutter...also fun when I can enjoy the results. But Christmas, it's a time to really remember that God sent His Son down to this earth, to live His life as a man, only to give it up for us. I can only imagine what those shepherds were feeling when the angel came to them in the field that night. Oh, to hear their conversation as they made their way to Bethlehem to see the Child. The thrill of knowing that they witnessed the fulfillment of the prophesy of the Messiah. Yes, that's what Christmas is about...grace, mercy, and love given to us as a gift. Now here's a little gift for you. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Wow love the music!! And the sewing frenzy too. Love Big G