Thursday, December 16, 2010

snowy day...inside and out

Our day started off with snow. We watched it come down and slowly cover everything in sight. Eager to get out there in it to play, the girls completed their school work very quickly. Even the cat, trying to stay extra warm, quietly sat at the table with the girls.
As soon as school work was complete I suited up the girls and we headed out the door with Dad. He had the day off because of the snow...what a treat it was to have him home all day. The snow was fluffy and light. Perfect for skiing and shoveling and snow angeling(that's a word..right?)...not so great for snowman building or snowball making. It was still beautiful and cold and fun. Despite snow up the sleeves and down the boots the girls had a great time. They warmed up quickly with a cup of hot chocolate.
And because there is no such thing as too much snow, the girls worked on making paper snowflakes before dinner. There were little bits of paper everywhere, but we have some beautiful snowflakes as a result.

Enjoy your time together whether it's wintry white or sunny and warm. Happy Friday! xoANG

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