Thursday, January 6, 2011

the last of 2010

On the very last day of 2010 the weather warmed up a the low 50' we decided to head for the trails. Our very much anticipated goal was to go geocaching. I'd read several magazine articles and blog posts about geocaching and we've got some friends that have done some geocaching as well. The more I heard about it the more fun it sounded. Tim was very excited about it because he loves hiking and the girls were thrilled because there is nothing more fun than going on a treasure hunt. I mean, come on, getting exercise and fresh air and not even realizing it. How great is that? For Christmas, we got the girls a geomate jr. It's a very affordable, kid-friendly, handheld GPS. They couldn't wait to use it. So, like I said, we headed for the trails. We followed the GPS, did a little off-trail hill climbing, some searching around for the cache and we found it! Our first find!
Since we were already on the trail we decided to find the next one. The second one took us much farther down the main path then off into the woods on a bike trail. We went down some hills, crossed the creek a couple of times, climbed back up the hill then off the trail we went. Through the woods we searched and finally found our second cache. It was very well hidden, which made it even more exciting to find.

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We all had a great time. We got some great hiking in and had a blast. Since then the temperatures have dropped to down-right freezing. We'll have to wait for a more tolerable hiking temperature for the next geocaching day. In the meantime though, I have been commissioned by the girls to create a satchel of some sort in which to carry our geomate, our trinkets for putting in the cache, our geocaching journal and pen, and possibly some snacks for the more treacherous of hikes. Since the temps are creeping lower and lower this week it seems that I may have some sewing time really soon. A birthday update will be coming soon. Happy Thursday. xoANG

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Adrienne said...

What fun! I've heard about that but I don't know much about it - like what do you do when you find the goods - do you have to leave the clues there?