Sunday, January 30, 2011

monumental milestone

In the Clothesline household getting your very own library card is a HUGE deal. My big kid got her own library card a couple of years ago and now my little kid finally has hers. Going to the library is a special part of our weekly routine. We've been going nearly every week since the girls were infants. So when the time comes to get a library card it is very exciting. I'm excited, they're excited, the librarians are excited. The writing practice involved is taken very seriously. We have a long last name, eleven letters, so practicing spelling it correctly without any help and writing it very tiny so it will fit on the back of the card is key. When the big day finally arrived we got to the library when it opened, got our papers to fill out and got the card signed. Yippee! Another special thing we do is purchase the new card holder their very own library bag. Remember when the big kid got hers? Pretty exciting stuff! Well, I know you want to see the newest card holder, right?

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Here she is with our most favorite librarian. Mrs. L is so awesome that she even came to our house to teach me to knit one day. Like I said, awesome. Happy with card in hand and new purple library bag, she could hardly wait to fill it up. Do you notice anything wrong with the picture? (besides the non-matching ensemble my girl is wearing) Yeah, even holding up the straps of her new bag, it drags the ground. When my big girl got her bag they had drawstring backpacks. Not anymore. Only tote bags now and they are made of the material like reusable shopping bags. Great for the fact that they are made of recycled material, but not great in the sturdy department. Throw in a half dozen books and a couple of dvd's, add to that the fact that it's too long to keep off the ground and the probability that there will be a hole punctured through the corner before we get home goes through the roof.
Hmmm, I feel a makeover tutorial coming on. Do come back soon.


Zoƫ said...

How could she be old enough for that yet??? It was just yesterday that your older one got one right?????? :)

Anonymous said...

Great Day!! I.m proud of you Eliana. Love Big G