Thursday, January 13, 2011

you capture::doorways

I haven't participated in You Capture for several months. Just busy, I guess. The theme for this week was doorways. Perfect. I chose to capture our new daily ritual of reading a chapter from the Chronicles of Narnia. Well, sometimes it's two chapters because it's just so interesting the girls don't want me to stop reading. We are on chapter 9 of book two already. The girls are loving it, so am I, so is Tim. He reads chapters to them as well. In fact, he started the ritual while on Christmas break. The best part about all of this is not the family time we have together enjoying this story. The best part is not the excitement that is evoked when I reach for the book. The best part is not the anticipation I hear in their voices when they talk about what might happen next. The best part isn't even how much they are loving a wonderful piece of classic literature...the teacher in me really loves that part.
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The best part is, however, the unintentional learning, the endless enjoyment, the creative imagination, the intense interest, the earnest listening, and the growing love of literature that all comes through the doorway of an open book.
See more captures here. Happy Thursday xoANG


Shelly said...

Love the doorways that books open for us! Great capture!

Jessi said...

Great take on the doorway theme! My Dad and Mom read those books to us when we were little and we LOVED them!

Natalie said...

Books do open doorways! Great idea for this link up!

Teri said...

I love your perspective on "doorways"! So appropriate and out of the box! Awesome pic too! Chronicles of Narnia are the best!