Wednesday, January 12, 2011

one year ago...

Haiti was in the news for the massive earthquake that destroyed almost everything. Now Haiti is in the news because of the widespread devastation caused by cholera. I just wanted to share with you again the organization that I support because I have dear friends that are missionaries there. It's called Baptist Haiti Mission. There's a button there on the left that will take you directly to their website if you'd like to learn more, make a donation, or sponsor a child. We, here at the Clothesline, sponsor a child, a little girl, named Ferlandie. She is 9 years old now and is so beautiful. Through our financial support she is guaranteed that she can go to school, have a school uniform, a couple of nutritious meals every day, medical care, and financial relief for her family. She is blessed to have both parents and all of her many siblings even after all of the devistation that they have been through. So as you go about your day today, please remember the people of Haiti. They need prayer. They need support. They need hope. They need to know that they are not forgotten.

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