Friday, June 6, 2008

sneaky little sucker

Wowee, it's hot today. The hottest day so far. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. Glass half full - it's laundry day and perfect for using the clothesline, super hot with a slight breeze. I know, I know...then later I'll have a mountain of beautifully crisp, folded, clean laundry to put away...ugh! Why is it so difficult to actually put it all away? Any ideas on how I can overcome that issue?
So, let me tell you...the girls had their first freezy pop of the season yesterday (thanks Theresa!). Oh so yummy! After dinner I let them sit outside to eat them. Of course Miss E squeezed too hard and part of hers fell to the ground. Thank goodness I was right there to see it all happen because she picked it up and was going to eat it, dirt and all. Sneaky little sucker! Meanwhile, I watered the garden and checked all of my plants. They all seem to be thriving in this heat. My cherry tomato that I have in a pot is growing like crazy! I guess it's because of the potting soil. The tomato plants in the garden are doing well, too. All are flowering, one has a couple of tomatoes (the Lemon Boy), but they're just not growing as rapidly as the potted tomato. So as I check the tomatoes I always pluck off the suckers. Suckers?you ask. Yes, suckers...those pesky little branches that try to grow between the main stalk and the regular branches. My mom and grandma have always plucked them and advised me to do so as well, and I'll tell you why (just in case you don't already know). Those suckers are called suckers because they suck nutrients away from the important parts of the plant. The suckers won't produce any fruit, but will grow rapidly using up vital nutrients. If you pluck those suckers you will get more tomatoes at a more rapid pace. So anyway, as I was checking the plants yesterday I found a sucker that somehow managed to elude me for a few days because it was pretty big. Sneaky little sucker!
Also, the girls and I made quick trip to the fabric store to see if the puppy buttons had been restocked. (I've been waiting for them so I could finish Miss E's dress.) Had 'em, bought 'em, sewed 'em on the dress! They are so cute. I'll wait to post of picture of the finished product when Miss E is wearing the dress...and when Miss O is wearing the one I made for her bumblebee birthday party.


Zoƫ said...

I do the same thing with my tomatoes. I hate when I find one that is big like that;) The buttons where worth the wait... way cute.

Oh and I have no help for the getting laundry away thing. I have at least 3 baskets of clean laundry up stairs and it has been there for a while. Oh well we can live out of the laundry basket for awhile right?

~ANG said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one with clean laundry still in the basket!