Tuesday, September 8, 2009

day trip:: part three

This is the final post about our hike up to Johnson farm. It's time to see the inside of the house. The main room had a bed, the sewing machine, the quilt that could be raised up to the ceiling when it wasn't being worked on (genius), a fire place, a wood stove, some clothes hanging on pegs, and a shotgun or two hanging above the doors. The kitchen was small but packed with everything needed for baking and cooking.
The kid's rooms were upstairs. The boys had one room. Very simple with some carved wooden toys, a wash basin, and a chamber pot. The girls room had several little beds, a trunk of yarn and reeds for basket weaving, a tiny wood stove, a wash basin, an actual tub for bathing, and of course, a chamber pot. That was fun to explain to the girls. They thought it was weird and were immediately grateful for indoor plumbing...something that we take for granted way to often.

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Here are the toys that were upstairs. I don't know about you but corn cob dolls don't look too fun to play with...I'm just sayin'. My girls thought they were cute but didn't want to trade in any of their soft, human-like dolls for a corn cob. So again, a greater appreciation for the things we have.
So there you have it, a glimpse into our day trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I really enjoyed it and so did Tim and the girls. The hike out was not so adventurous, although we did see another deer. The atmosphere of hiking along side a creek that was lined with blooming wild flowers was dampened only slightly by a certain four-year-old who was getting a big, painful blister on her heal because she insisted on wearing shoes that were too small for her ever growing feet. I suppose next time she'll wear the shoes that I choose for her.
Happy Friday! xo ANG

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Adrienne said...

very nice - I love to go to places like that!